Kings Island crowds for 5/18/15

Im heading to ki on monday. What should i expect in the crowd department? I'm taking my buddy who has never been. Im going to get him hooked on the beast. The last time i was there the SoB beat me up so bad i had to sleep it off for a few hours. Hopefully i have a better experience this time.


Ps, i dot get to ki often. Its a four and a half hour drive from here. Just north of detroit.

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SOB is long gone so you dont have to worry about that anymore!!! The crowds shouldn't be too terrible bad except for the kids whom are usually gone by 5pm
Kings island is a whole new place if you haven't been there for a long time! You will love it!! 😊

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I know that sob is gone now. I wouldnt have gone on it anyways. Im excited for banshee and diamondback. B & M's are my favorite. I spend most of my coaster time @ CP. Its less than a two hour drive for me. My kids are starting to get interested in coasters. My oldest was half an inch from getting on the non kiddie coasters last year. Hes been talking my ear off since we were there last july. Speaking of, it was the deadest day i have ever seen @ CP. Middle of july on a Saturday and we walked on the front row of gatekeeper. Thanks for the info.

The park was less than crowded on monday. In fact the longest line we waited in was @ panda express for lunch. We arrived to the park at 10:30 after our 4 plus hour drive from meteo detroit. all of the coasters were walk on. We rode every coaster at the park with the only one we went on twice being the beast. There was a noticeable difference in speed from our first ride at 11 am to our second ride at 3:30. The first ride was smooth and nice. The second about scrambled my brain. After our last ride on the beast we left for our drive home. My friend had to work this morning so we wanted to get home at a decent hour. Over all it was fun, but i dont know ill be making that drive again any time soon. I can be in Sandusky in less than 2 hours. We might do the Pennsylvania swing next year. i hope.

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How were the non-beast rides?

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I'm considering going Father's Day weekend. My 6 year old is going for the first time. Just wondering if that weekend is any busier than any other weekend?

Father's Day weekend is usually crowded on Sunday because its Gold/Platinum passholder bring-a-friend for $15 day...

Thanks! I think I'll reschedule for another weekend. We're going on a Saturday and spending the night at a local hotel, then leaving Sunday.

The non beast rides we good. Banshee was not what i expected it to be. A good ride but left me feeling disappointed. Raptor is better imo. Firehawk was a waist of waiting in line for 15 mins. I wanted to wait 5 hours for it as xflight at sfo, good thing i didnt. Racer is always fun. Only the red side was operating. I went on bat simply because i had never been on it. It blows out iron dragon, but is just a tad to short. Adventure express is well an arrow mine coaster. Flight of fear is rough and painful. I read everyones warnings about the gut busting stop at the end but didnt think of it till i had my gut busted. Back lot stunt coaster was fun, but ill probably pass it up next time. Diamond back scared the crap out of me. I thought for sure i was going to be ejected at the tops of the hills. We sat front row and i couldnt get the restraint to go down one more click. There was some room in there for me to come off the seat. One more click and i would have been fine. We didnt do the kiddie coasters because we didnt have a youngan with us. Ill get on those in a few years when i take my kids.

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