Kings Island Closing Day 11/2/08

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The weather was pretty gorgeous for being November in Ohio. There seemed to be good turnout in the park for the afternoon. At about 5pm there was a pretty big exodus by families, which was to be expected.

Pretty much no wait for any rides. Only one side of the Racer was operating (imagine that!), but all the other rides I saw were operating.

Diamondback is getting huge. The first drop is coming together nicely and reaches its lowest point smack in the middle of where the Tomb Raider queue used to be. I'm guessing the queue will have to be dramatically different next year, well, if anybody still wants to ride it that is. The other interesting thing is that all of the "out" portion of Diamondback has complete black pavement underneath it, not just dirt roads as is typical.

Beast was jackhammering quite a bit. It was fun to see some groups of executives taking rides together wearing ties and all.

Want a Cedar Fair VIP jacket? They were on sale in EVERY gift shop for $15. So much for it being any kind of collectible. It's too bad they don't have mechandise marked down for the end of the season. Especially because they so often bring in new stuff for next year.

The whole park seemed quite relaxed. I guess closing day at KI is more of a whimper than a bang.

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