Kings Island Announcement on 8/19/15

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Kings Island announced on Twitter that a major announcement will be made tomorrow at 2:00pm.

There appear to be some crazy rumors about Racer being removed.

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New for 2016: Valravn. A B&M dive coaster ;)

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They're going to RMC the racers., then bring back the Brady Bunch at the grand opening.

Girls on this side.

Boys on that side.

Actually, I haven't the faintest idea, but I would guess this is where the next TrioTech ride will be found. Or not.

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Raven-Phile said:

New for 2016: Valravn. A B&M dive coaster ;)

I think you mean Centurian :)

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I think you mean Centurion :)

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The Dark Ride makes perfect sense. The photo shows racer and the old motion theater. Comments indicate a fear that Racer will be removed or renovated, but I think the obvious is a rebuild of the theater into the TrioTech and Racer will stay put. I hope.

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Granted, I don't follow Kings Island rumors. But removing Racer seems an odd choice. A historic ride with a (relatively) small footprint -- Cedar Fair's next Triotech ride seems a more likely candidate.

Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
--Fran Lebowitz

I'm going with Banshee.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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The crypt building is still intact (isn't that the building in the picture?); perhaps they would put that to use for the dark ride. I also do not follow KI in terms of rumors, etc...that just seems to make the most sense since they're coming to all the CF parks.

I can't envision the Racers going anywhere.

No, the Crypt is over between the Beast and the railroad. The building pictured is the old Motion Theater, originally Days of Thunder then Spongebob or something. Now it's used for a haunt, and the odd placement of Windseeker kind of cut it off at the path. I always pictured that area where Racer splits as a good location for a giga coaster station.

Crypt would make a good dark ride, but I think it's kind of small (dunno, maybe these TrioTechs dont take up much space) It's basically a really tall pole barn, so it could be expanded, I suppose, or the ride could be multi-level.

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I haven't been on one, but I looked a the layouts of the Trio Teck dark rides online somewhere a while back and found the footprint to be quite small. Also, The Crypt's building is tall enough that they could easily build the ride with two levels, maybe even three. I'm thinking along the lines of Transformers at Universal.

I'd really love to see the park finally do something with that giant box. It just sits there. Wasn't their a report or something about work going on inside the Crypt box late last year?

I can't imagine they'd be doing any kind of removal of Racer. That park has gads of space to expand into, and removing THE coaster often credited with getting the public interested in roller coasters and amusement parks again seems insane.

Also, it was my first roller coaster ever (back when it still ran backwards!), so it's not allowed to go anywhere.

Crypt has been used as a haunt the last two seasons, so maybe that accounts for activity over there. Perfect, right? The queue was already haunt-like anyway. I'm not sure what happened once you got to the big box.

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RCMAC said:

I'm not sure what happened once you got to the big box.

And those of us who are sure prefer to not remember it.

Nobody thought the Thunder Road rumor was true this spring and now it is totally gone! Cedar Fair doesn't care about history in any means, only the bottom line! Although I would still be surprise if anything happened to Racer but these corporate them parks concerned mostly with stock holder profits and executive bonuses HATE racing coasters because of the extra payroll they require. So nothing would be surprising at this point!

The park has two empty buildings that would make great dark rides. The Crypt building is an eyesore in the area it is located in. It could be added on to like SF over Texas did for their Justice League ride. That location is actually an ideal spot to reproduce the Calico Mine Ride, but Cedar Fair doesn't seem to be interested in family classic dark rides really.

The motion theatre building seems big enough for a decent dark ride.

The park definitely needs more family-friendly dark rides etc than coasters at this time.

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I'm at Kings Island today, and the leaflet handed to everyone as they drove in says
in Soak City Waterpark as we unveil area


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...about that dark ride...

Yeah, probably not so much.

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Oh well. I guess if you're going to add something cool to a waterpark it could be one of those "drop slides" where the bottom falls out, or perhaps a water coaster?

Either would be great additions.

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