Kings Island 5/2/14-5/3/14

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Kings Island, Mason, Ohio, USA

We arrived at Kings Island around 8pm, after hitting some rush hour traffic in Columbus. Once in the park, we headed straight to diamondback. I was expecting a long wait after hearing about ridiculous new loading procedures with the addition of seatbelts, but to my surprise we only waited about 20 minutes. After getting off of diamondback, we headed over to the beast. We saw the line was all the way out to the midway, but it turns out that only a direct line to the station was open, and we got on the ride in about 35 minutes. This was my mom and brothers' first time riding it in the dark and they were thoroughly surprised.
We arrived at the park right around 9:30 when platinum pass holders could get in and headed straight for Banshee. My one brother and I had already rode it on media day, but my other brother and mom haven't, so they were very excited for it. Because of the early entry, we waited around 25 minutes, including 2 trains extra for front row. This was my first time riding front row on an invert, and all 4 of us throughly enjoyed the ride. After getting off of Banshee, the opening ceremony was halfway over, so we started working our way around the park. Our next stop after Banshee was Adventure Express. There was no wait what so ever, so we got on and off the ride really quickly. I definitely liked it better than CCMR at Cedar Point. After Adventure Express, we headed to the Racer which holds nostalgia value for me, as it was my first coaster. Our wait was very minimal, only 1 train then I was on. The ride is a lot bumpier than I remember it being, but that is probably because I was so young last time I rode it. Next up was Firehawk. I did not ride, as I'm not a fan if flying coasters, but my brothers waited about 15 minutes for it. At this point, we were all feeling fatigued (what's up with that happening so early?) so we went and rode a lap on the train. Once we were off the train, my brother and I got the crazy idea to ride Race for Your Life Charlie Brown and White Water Canyon(?) and let me just say that was stupid. Then we went to Diamondback, and waited about half an hour. We had an enjoyable ride as always. At this point we had gotten hungry, so we bought some blue ice cream, also good as always. After eating the ice cream we were just about ready to finish the day at the park, so we went back to the Beast. We waited about 45 minutes to an hour because of some sort of breakdown. After the ride reopened, I was no too far out of the station, and I hear a commotion a few trains after the first. I started to listen, and it was the crowd feeding off a very enthusiastic operator, Kyle, who did a great job of getting the riders excited for the ride. Lastly my brother and I went to Boo Blasters on Boo Hill, again for nostalgia value. This concluded our visit to the park. Although it was only 2 half days, it was an enjoyable time well spent. Thanks for reading!

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Nice report. I think Friday nights early in the season are one of the best times to go to the park.

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