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Kings Island, Mason, Ohio, USA

Despite not the most promising forecast headed out to Kings Island. Friday was an education day and there were more kids there than I expected. The park got crowded pretty quickly, but then there weren't a lot of new people coming into the park. Also, storms around 4 and the leaving of kids left the park pretty dead from 6 until close. Saturday, the hour of ERT for Diamondback and Beast were great and I can't imagine liking an hour for Windseeker and Vortex as much when it switches over to that. Rains came in before lunch and it was time to get out of there. The highlights:

Diamondback- First time riding this one and I was pretty impressed. I had Intimidator to compare it to. Loved the floating airtime in the back. Really liked the front experience as well. Better in the front than Intimidator. Love these style of coasters that give you great airtime in the back. Anyway that B & M would go higher and faster with one of these? I can dream.

Beast- You could see the parts where they had done track work during the winter. There were still 2 parts where it was a little rough on the sides. It has been several years since I had ridden the Beast. The first part of the ride is heavily braked and who knows that might help some with making it ridable, but it cannot compare to Voyage. The helix is still quite good. Night ride is always a must but there were some lights on in the first brake shed and also I believe it was at the end of the second tunnel. Have those always been there? I really couldn't remember.

Vortex- With these being dying breeds I will say that I didn't think that this has aged poorly. Maybe it is due to brain damage of too many rides on Arrow Loopers, but no issues with how it rode.

Firehawk- Yeah these are so slow to load. I had ridden the other two that are pretty much the same I think. Smooth ride though.

Flight of Fear- One thing to note is that rode it with what seemed like more lighting on than normal on one ride, while others it seemed the normal pretty much darkness. Always fun without the OTSRs.

Backlot Stunt Coaster- The effects were working. Fun little ride nothing too memorable.

Flight Deck- Short layout compared to the other Arrow Suspended Coasters. Always have to ride because you never know when a ride like this may disappear. Such a long walk back there.

Invertigo- Yes the expected flipping you upside down 6 times in 30 seconds or less.

Adventure Express- The gods no longer told me I had to pay for entering their temple. Hard to think of another ride that requires a lift hill just to make it back to the station.

Son of Beast- World's most expensive storage area for Halloween decorations.

Crypt- Way too tame. How much did the spend on this one.

Finally on Windseeker a source probably only slightly higher up than the Lemon Chill Guy stated they needed a solid 4 days without rain for testing and also something about making sure the land was settled around the tower. The ride was moving up and down the tower throughout different parts of the day but I really never paid attention if there was real testing going on, so as an investigative reporter I pretty much failed you. As a coaster rider though, it was a pretty good time.

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If they need 4 days without rain, they are in big trouble.

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If that's the case, the ride may never open. :p

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