Kings Island 4/24 - 4/26

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I visited KI with my buddy and his son. This was a first trip to KI for his son. We made the 3.5 hr trip to KI from Detroit on Friday night. We arrived at KI around 8:45pm and promptly had our CP Platinum Passes processed. Shortly after 9pm we hit The Beast and Diamondback. I enjoyed both coasters but I am still a bigger fan of The Beast. My buddy's son very first ride was a trip on The Beast at night. What a treat for him. Diamondback was OK. One cannot deny that it delivers on air time.

On Saturday we returned for a full day at the park. We managed to hit most of the major attractions, but we passed on The Beast and Diamondback. Firehawk seemed to have an attitude problem on Saturday. We waited about 45 minutes before there was an issue with the restraints unlocking at the end of the ride. We waited about another 30 minutes to no avail. The brightside was that the staff of Firehawk did a nice job with the guests stuck on the ride. There was constant banter and they kept the guests at ease. I also suffered a similar fate with The Crypt. I waited a few times without a payoff. We managed to hit Dodgem Cars, Racer, Invertigo, Son of Beast, Flight Deck, Adventure Express, and Back Lot Stunt Coaster without any issues. All the rides provided a good ride. Regardless, it was a great day to be at the park. We also took advantage of the Backyard BBQ. It was $12.99 for burgers, hot dogs, side salads, beverages, and ice cream. It was a decent meal. What made it very nice was that it was located in the picinic pavillions just beyond Nick Universe and just before Boomerang Bay. It felt like a temporary escaspe from the park.

We returned on Sunday morning at 9:30am for rides on Diamondback, The Beast, Vortex, Firehawk, and Flight of Fear. My Sunday morning ride on Diamondback is why I am not crazy about the ride. My ride was incredibly violent. There was a horrific vibration (on a full train) that was sustained for the entire ride. There was no wind to speak of on Sunday morning. I cannot image what would make a brand new attraction that rough. Neither of my rides would put Diamondback in my top10 or 15. We hit the other coasters and were out of the park by noon for a return trip to Detroit.

I realize that I may take a lot of abuse for not ranting and raving about Diamondback. It was just OK. It almost seems like that ride does not fit in the park. Other than The Beast and Son of Beast most of the coasters are compact, punchy, agressive rides that really deliver. Outside of the violent vibration I experienced on Sunday morning there is nothing agressive about Diamondback.

I guess my feelings about Diamondback and Top Thrill Dragster are the same. Its there, I will ride it, but I will not go out of my way for it.

To end on a positive note. The park looked great and the staff was fantastic for a change. I hope that KI can keep up the good work in 2009.

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