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Monday, April 23, 2001 7:32 AM
Great day, started off cloudy, sun came out in afternoon and was downright hot. Not too long of a wait for anything, except Flight of Fear later in the day, which has improved since they added the 2nd train....

Son of Beast 6 laps. First 3 by early rides for Gold Pass. Took 1 lap in the middle of the train. All others in the last car. Ride is so much smoother in last car, doesn't jump off the track. Loop on this coaster is best inversion in the park. Max wait time about 20 minutes. First helix very intense. The wheel squawking of opening day was gone, must have did some maintenance.

Top Gun 2 laps. Great suspended coaster, would be perfect if it had a second lift hill and twice as long. Love the second hill where you swoop over the lift hill with the cars laying on their side. Great feeling of height.

Racer 5 laps. Still a great coaster although a little rougher than it used to be. Normally prefer rear of coaster, but for airtime, must ride in the front. Frontward running 2 trains, backward only 1 so all rides frontward today. Practically stops in the turnaround. Only raced once today. Whats the use of having a "racing" coaster called the Racer that doesn't race? Thats half the fun of the ride, although the design of this coaster is'nt best as far as racers go, trains are split too much.

Vortex, 1 lap. Smooth ride, especially with all the talk of how rough old Arrow loopers are getting. Practically stops before corkscrews which is good, because its nice going through the corkscrews in slo mo. After riding Son of Beast with his huge loop, the loops are really tight on this one!

Flight of Fear, 5 laps. First 3 in a row when park opened, no line. Line formed later in the day, about 20-25 minute wait. Two trains running now has helped, but loading and train prep is still slow. Great ride with the lap bars. Can see how it would be a headbanger with shoulder harnesses, especially in the cobra roll. Cobra roll not my favorite maneouver, too much direction change too quick. Third inversion is sort of boomerang i think. It happens so fast you can't tell you are upside down. The launch is unmatched. Love the second half. Train climbs to top and rolls slowly, gives you a minute to breath. Then the second feeling of acceleration on the ride as the train picks up speed with each turn constantly going downhill into the finale corkscrew.

Beast 1 lap in the morning, ride was closed for the day after that. Full speed through the helix, now if the first part would lose the brake run that almost halts it before going through the second set of tunnels. But the ending is one of the best coaster rides going.

Adventure Express, 5 laps. This is one rough little coaster. Each turn goes in the opposite direction of the previous turn, slamming you from one side of the car to the other. Not the best Arrow mine train by any means. Could the ending be any more disappointing?

After riding Face Off once previously, and the 2 Vekoma coasters at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, i think we'll pass on their other creations. Standup not our thing either so passed on King Kobra.

Viking Fury several times, slooow Dodgem (the boulder bumpers run just as fast lol), Zephyr several times (still the BEST flat ride imo), Shake Rattle and Roll, and the Flying Eagles (little unnerving when the cables jerk when you get a good dive on this one!) KI needs a few more newer flat rides to give you a break from the coaster action.....especially some Huss creations.

First year for a season pass, its nice to go and just enjoy the atmosphere and not feel like you have to ride like crazy all day, although with the small waits, got a ton of riding in. Love the glockenspiel in Oktoberfest.

This park has a great varied collection. Just need the B and M hypertwister and floorless and maybe an intamin impulse coaster to complete the collection.
Monday, April 23, 2001 9:21 AM
So I take it by your description that the train was not being trimmed or almost stopped following the high inversions? That makes Jeffy a happy man... I hope it stays that way with three.

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Friday, April 27, 2001 11:20 AM
The two times I`ve riden Flight of Fear at PKi this year the trim brakes in the main building have not benn on and the trains have flown right through!
Friday, April 27, 2001 2:22 PM
You said SOB was smoother in the last car...I certainly didn't think so. Maybe it's different now, but when I rode it the last car was the place to get severe headaches and leg bruises. Any of the many people we talked to in line who had ridden there avoided those seats like the plague. Also, I though the best airtime on the Racer was in the back. Different strokes for different folks...

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Friday, April 27, 2001 6:01 PM
SOB is a lot smoother than last year. After wedging myself into the train (and im only 6`4) i didnt really come out with any bruises (xcept the one on my leg where a bolt was sticking into it).

FOF has no brakes whatsoever turned on in the main building, which is great. Is it just me or are the seats set lower than the rest of the seats in the park? I actually didnt have any problems with it, but it was wierd sliding that low to sit down.

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