King's Island 4-18(long)

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I got to the park at about 9:40. I rushed inside to Action Zone, but it was closed off because the park hadn't officically opened yet. When I got in, I went to Delirium. 3rd ride of the day. Great ride. Probably one of the best flats out there. Beats Tomb Raider anyday.

Then I headed over to Face/Off. There was no line AT ALL, but I waited for the front. I had never been on it before, and it was pretty fun. Not too much of a head-banger. I did hurt my neck though, while trying to move it in the loop. Ouch!

Then went to Racer, I waited for the front, which was about a 3 train wait. When I was about to get on, a ride-op sarcastically said "looks like Delirium went too high again". The odd thing was, the ride was down for almost the rest of the day. It was probably just a floor thing. Anyways, back to Racer, still good ride.

I headed over to the Beast. I waited for front. There was nobody in the station and there were less people on each train than there were empty seats. It was trimmed up a lot, but the first uphill turn was great and you could definantly tell it had been re-done. I got another ride on it because i just hopped in an empty seat as I was getting out the one I just rode. Pretty cool.

Then I went on Shake, Rattle, and Roll. Nothing too special, just a fun flat.

After that, I headed over to FoF. The wait was surprisingly short, so I waited for the front. It was about a 3 train wait. The launch wasn't as intense as I remembered, but I didn't mind. It was such a great ride, and smooth like a baby's butt(lol).

Then I went back over to the Beast. Still nobody really in line. I waited fot the front again. Still a lot of fun.

Then I went to lunch at Subway. They couldn't make 12-inch subs, probably a stocking problem, so I just got a full meal. Pretty good, but of course, extremely over-priced. A 6 inch there costs as much as a 12 inch does outside of the park.

The I headed over to Delirium to see if it was opening up again. It wasn't. I wasn't too happy.

I walked around for a bit, and then decided to go on Vortex. It was a lot more fun in the back, because the first drop is more intense. Pretty smooth too.

Then I went on Beast again. I didn't feel like waiting for the front so I just grabbed a middle seat. Still lots of fun, though a little slower than normal.

I headed once more over to Delrium to see if it was open yet. Of course, it wasn't, so I stayed in the area and went on Top Gun. Still a really intense suspended. I really still like this ride, but it needs a paint job more than any other coaster in the US!

Then, I just literally walked around for a while, not doing anything. I was kind of waiting for Delirum to open back up, and when it did I was right on it.

I didn't know it was open when I walked by, but I then saw people getting on and hopped in line for it. It was only about a 20 minute wait. That was pretty good considering a lot of people were waiting to just get in line.

Then I went over to Scooby-Doo. That was a lot of fun. I could tell some of the old scenery was still there. I got the "Like Wow: score, with 900 points. It was pretty cool.

Then I went on ther Viking Ship. Just a fun ride, that makes me think "This brought on Delirium". I was thankful.

Then I got one final ride on the Beast. It wasn't exactly a night ride, but it was one of the last rides of the day. IT had been warmed up, and was running great. I didn't notice the trims as much, so it was a better ride.

Overall, a great time at PKI. The lines were really short, and it wasn't very crowded, or at least until around 3:00.

If you are wondering why I didn't go on Drop Zone, or SoB, I have reasons. I hate any kind of drop ride (even the Demon Drop type rides at CP) and I was sparing myself a lot of pain by not riding the SoB. I'll wait till it gets those new restraints.

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