Kings Island 2018 Skywarp

It was liked by Kings Island, so I’d assume it’s legit.

Hey, let's ride (random Intamin coaster). What? It's broken down? I totally didn't expect that.

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If Scott posted it, it's probably legit.

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Skyline worked the design layout for Mystic Timbers. Maybe it's a visit with KI about that and with SF about Skywarp.

The tweet says @KingsIslandPR & @sixflagsDK 2018 ride, so that may foretell a difference in subject matter.

I'm holding out for Antiques....

I like them, so it would be an ok addition in my book.

However, I'm just gonna grab my popcorn and wait for the "It's not a coaster!" "It's a coaster" argument to break out.

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Why not Antique Cars and Skywarp? A gentle family ride and a upside down thrill ride.

"New! For 2018!@-
-TWO new rides!"

I mean, there's are two different newly empty plots of land.

What if the dead end Firehawk path would connect to the former Dinosaurs Alive path, complete with both rides in that area. A new area?

My head hurts from dreaming all the time.

It sounds like a fantastic idea. But it's not a roller coaster. Its a thrill ride. It's controlled gravity driven. I'm sure it'll be called a roller coaster though. Let's face it, Cedar Point called "Pipe Scream" a roller coaster.

I hope they pick some wild colors for the Skywarp Ride at Kings Island if it's all true.

Turning Fantasy into Reality

Extremecoasterdad where did you ride a Skywarp?

CP calls Pipe Scream a coaster but Kings Island doesn't call Surf Dog as a coaster...

But then again, what do I know?

Any more updates on what Kings Island is doing in 2018? I would assume we would've already had at least an announcement about a new something... but no word so far.

What would happen if they opened a ride and nobody announced it?

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Signs point to a new restaurant on Coney Mall.
At Winterfest we learned that the International restaurant will be open this season. I reckon they’ll do the buffet thing, that’s what they had at Christmas. The food was ok I guess, limited though. And the view was spectacular.

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Ensign Smith said:

What would happen if they opened a ride and nobody announced it?

Then only Zen masters would hear it.

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