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I will be going to KI for the first time Labor Day weekend. I'd like to splurge and get the Fast Pass Plus if it's worth it. If it is worth it on a holiday weekend, would it be better to get it on that Saturday or Sunday? Went to Cedar Point Labor Day weekend last year and it was busier on Sunday. Should I expect that at KI, too?

Thank you! :)

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No one actually knows. The patterns from last year could be completely reversed this year. Just play it by ear. Once you see that lines are too long for your liking, spring for the fast lane.

I agree you need to wait and see. I took my son to Kings Island on July 4th. I expected huge crowds and getting to ride few rides. Just figured I could spend the day with my son who is working in Columbus this summer. Very light crowds. Rode 3x the rides I expected. Told my son I didn't want to stop to eat lunch while the lines were short. At 1:30 I gave up on that idea because it was clear lines would never get long. Ride op said that last year July 4th crowd was light and July 5th was mobbed. Its different holiday than Labor Day but same concepts apply. You just do not know until you get there. I would expect crowds to be heavier on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend because people are not going back to work the next day. But again you just do not know.

If I were you , I would not go. Make the line shorter for me please.

Crowds are unpredictable. This year, I visited Kings Island on both the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and the Tuesday after Memorial Day. Tuesday was more crowded than Saturday.

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