Kings Island 05-22-14

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Kings Island, Mason, Ohio, USA

Since I haven't been on any of the bigger rides at Kings Island the last five years I decided to hit the park up solo after working 3rd shift last night. I was there from 1015-1145 and got in 8 rides. The longest wait for the day was Banshee at 5 minutes. Here is a list of the rides I was able to do:

Banshee (2 rides)

The line for this looked like it would be around 15 minutes but in only 5 minutes I was in the third row right side for my first ride ever. The last B&M invert I had ridden was Raptor in 2000 so it has been awhile since I have been on one. The first drop was great but after that everything seems to run together until the final inline twist. Overall I liked the ride but wasn't blown away like I was hoping to be. The restraints are comfortable, almost like getting a big hug, but from what I remember from Raptor (I know it has been awhile) I think I like the compact Inverts better. I did get a second ride on Banshee in the front seat but came away with the same feeling. My favorite parts were that first drop and the last inline twist. It was a very different feeling coming out of the upward turn right into the upside down twist but I like it a lot. The line and station are very well done however the eternal flame wasn't burning for SOB. Maybe this is only lit at night now.

Firehawk (1)

This ride was a walk on. I had only been on it once before so I decided to give it another try. My feelings are still the same on this one. I don't like the restraints and they make for an uncomfortable ride with a lot of pressure on my shins. The whole ride I wondered how much it would suck if the restraints suddenly broke free. I'm not sure I like totally relying on a restraint to keep me secure on a ride because even though they are extremely rare, mechanical things do fail.

Flight of Fear (1)

I used to love this ride but it feels like it has gotten very rough. Maybe it has always been that way and I'm just getting old. I rode it once in the back and that was enough. This was also a walk on wait.

Windseeker (1)

I had never been on this ride so I decided to hit it up. I had to wait a few minutes for this because they were only running half full cycles. I imagine this was for proper weight distribution. It was a very peaceful albeit boring ride. I did like the fact it has music playing during the ride. I might give it another ride in the future at night to see it all lit up

Stunt Coaster (1)

Had to wait 3 trains for this one but I can't really complain about that. The only effects that were working were the gun shots. Everything else wasn't on. This ride used to be neat when it had the sound track and fire and splash down at the end but it is kind of a sad shell of its former self. I still think it is a shame that Paramount killed off the Antique car ride and Eagles to put this ride in. Oh well, I guess progress does that sometimes.

Vortex (1)

Walked on to the back car for my ride. This ride didn't seem as rough as it used to be. This is another one I haven't been on in probably 5 years. Still love that first drop in the back with the airtime you get. I would have hit this again but was starting to get tired after being up all night at work.

Beast (1)

Once again another walk on ride. This one was also ridden in the back of the train (are you sensing a pattern hear) Other than the final helix the ride seemed slow. I used to love The Beast but now it feels like you are constantly speeding up only to hit a brake. Maybe one day I will get a night ride again and it will remind me why I used to love this ride. Even though I rode on a wheel it didn't seem to rough.

With that I headed home for the day. I could have spent the entire day in the park and ridden everything I wanted with no wait time but I have to work again tonight and needed to get some sleep. The park looks great with all the work they have done in Action Zone and the new concrete at the entrance to the park. I kind of came away feeling like I had fun but not as much as I used to have at the park. Maybe my love affair with amusement parks is all in the past. Anymore it seems I like taking my kids and watching them have fun on the smaller rides. I guess that happens sometimes as we grow older. The park operations get major props. Even though the lines were non existent, they were running every train on every coaster. It would have been easy for them to cut back on operations without increasing the lines that much but they choose to run at full capacity. I definitely appreciated that and will most likely send an email acknowledging them for it. Anyway, thank you for those that have read this. This is my first trip report in a long time.

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Great TR! I was there last Saturday, and am about to post a TR myself!!

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