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Just got back from a weekend trip to Holiday World and Kings Island. Holiday World first I was there friday July 25 and all the lines were short. It was really, really hot! The longest lines were in the waterpark.

Now for kings Island------Saturday, July 27

Again really, really hot. Lines not too bad only waited an hour for SOB. AS for the Beast it got stuck at the top. It was fixed in about a hour. It had a block error.

TR:TR was closed when the park opened. The only ride i really wanted to ride. So, I kinnda hung out around TR:TR for most of the day, after i had ridden what i wanted to. Anyways i started talking to the ride op's. They where telluing people the matience "making adjustments to the ride" After talking to them for a while the said the on Friday night around 8:00pm the ride closed. A hydrolic fluid line broke and that the ride lost about 6 gallons on the stuff. Anyways matience had been working on the ride since 8:00 pm Friday night. The fluid had leaked onto the brakes causing it to not stop correctly. The ride never opened Saturday.

As for PKI 2003- They have already announced a Scooby Do-Sally dark ride attraction. They also have a spot for the other 2003 attraction not sure what it is but i have head some stuff. Some people say its another Huss Giant ride. (Huss just signed a contract with a park--which hasn't been released yet--for multi Giant rides) Another ride i heard was a S&S Thrust Air coaster. Which they have plenty of room for in the area they have fenced off.

A thrust air would blow, we better not get one. I think next year will be a Giant Frisbee.

(Former Signature replaced due to bad joke with accident) The Beast at night-Two peas in a pod?

I'm surprised that the ride operators shared the mechanical problem with you. As a ride operator for a competitor themepark, we are always told, never to disclose anything that may be wrong with the ride to the public. We are simply to say, "the ride is experiencing technical difficulties."

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