Kings Island- Bare Bones Nights (read toward the end)

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Went to Kings Island tonight and it was absolutely FREEZING!!! I'm talking, colder than some BeastBuzz nights! Anyways, I knew the line-up was limited but I wanted to get in one more trip to a park before the season ended for us Ohioans. So I took my friend Paige and we got on all the open rides: BlizzardHawk, the Beast, Italian Job, Vortex, FoF, Drop Zone, and Delirium. There were only about 200 or less people in the entire park so we did not encounter any lines. Everything was running good except for Vortex (I imagine the cold was the problem).

We then went through all the haunted houses and had one of the WORST experiences I have ever encountered at an amusement park involving an employee (which is the real reason I wanted to post this TR). Okay, back in early Oct, +Danny and I went to the park and noticed that the guy in the booth where you enter the Terror Trail was calling out people about their weight, their looks....anything you could imagine this guy was saying. We couldn't believe he was saying these things but we just kind of let it go, until the same guy was working his booth again tonight, and he took things one step further.... We walk down to the Terror Trail and the guy sees us because we're one of 20 people in the entire area. He looks at me and says, "Oh, nice catch man, how much was that?" and we look at him and laugh (we're laid-back people who can take a laugh, mind you) and he turns to Paige and calls her a skank, and that she "probably cost .25". My friend Paige had on a pair of jeans and two hoodies, in no way revealing anything that would be considered "skanky", signifying his ignorance. I couldn't believe he said that and I realize that he is an 'entertainer' for a Halloween event, but he was taking this one step too far. While we walked back up the walkway he called another girl further behind us a c*nt. Now remember, he is in a booth about 10+ft above the walkway with a microphone so the entire area could hear what he is saying. NO LIE! We reported him and left....We had a good, cold night at the park except for that guy..

One more thing...I think they sent a lot of employees home or they were understaffed because the haunted houses were pretty empty....still fun though!


What a moron. What's he doing even working there?

John Moore

He's a heckler. There's two of them that work Trail of Terror.

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