Kings Island- 6/11/03 (Kinda Long)

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Hello everyone. I just got back from the park a short while ago. What had a great day to be at the park, especially since this was my first trip in over a year. The weather wasn't bad and despite ominous storm clouds throughout the day, the rain held off. Now onto the rides.

We arrived at the park a little late because my mom and aunt became confused about directions, and the first ride we hit was Top Gun, in order to warm up a bit. We rode in the front seat and the ride was fantastic. We rode it three more times throughout the day with no wait.

After Top Gun, we headed over to Son of Beast. We sat in the first seat of the third car, and got a fairly smooth ride. This ride isn't as rough as some people make it out to be. I got two more rides during the day, both of which were relatively smooth and fun.

Next we headed to the new attraction, Delirium. All I can say about this attraction is WOW. I couldn't believe how awesome it was. We rode it 2 more times with about a 20-25 minute wait, which isn't bad at all for such a great ride.

After getting a shot of adrenaline or Delirium, we rode Adventure Express and the Racer. Adventure Express gave a smooth and fun ride, but I think the Racer is what is causing my neck to hurt so much right now. That ride needs painted and retracked badly, especially on the forwards side.

We ate lunch at Das Festhaus or whatever that place is called over in Oktoberfest. It was very good food although $31.00 for three people was a bit outrageous.

We then took a ride on the train, which I haven't done since a was a little lad. It was relaxing and gave me a chance to see the waterpark, which I had never seen up close.

Next we hit the legendary Beast, which gave an incredible great ride. Some new tracking after the first tunnel was noticable smoother than it had been in years past, and the magnetic brakes were a new change for me. Just one ride on the Beast because time was running short.

I rode Vortex alone once, and I must say that it is one of my favorite rides. Arrow made some of the best rides ever, and I hope that they make a return to the industry soon.

We also rode a few of the flats and Face-Off which gave a good ride. I very dissapointed to find that Tomb Raider was closed. I also skipped Drop Zone because that ride just doesn't do much for me.

All in all it was a wonderful day and the staff at Kings Island is so great. The waits were minimal all day and the friendly staff only made the day better. That's all for now.

I concur that waits were minimal today. I got up at the park at ten. I got the first ride on Drop Zone, and a walk on line for Top Gun (most people flooded towards Delirium). After that, I got walk on rides on the forwards and backwards Racer. By that time, it was 10:40, and I headed to Flight of Fear, expecting the line to at least reach to the entrance of the UFO. However, Flight of Fear was a walk on. I grabbed two quick rides on it, in less than ten minutes! I left the park around 11:40, having also ridden the Beast twice and the Vortex. The only long lines I saw were for Delirium and Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle.

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