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Thursday, July 5, 2001 2:23 PM
WOW! I had a wonderful 4th at both parks. Arrived at KI at 9 am for the Beast walkback, which AGAIN didn’t happen because of problems. By the time several of us decided to hit the Eagles instead, the ropes had already dropped. But we got a good 10 rides in a row on the eagles....My favorite non-coaster ride around. I find it slightly better than Knoebels’ because the tubs are PADDED and are more consistent with the snapping. I did however, at Knoebel’s, manage a full flyers ride of continuous snapping both at the top AND bottom of each swing! Lots of bruises!

At 3-ish some of the guys had headed to Stricker’s over near Americana (RIP), but I opted for the park I hadn’t visited yet. I headed to Coney for the first time ever. I had visited before in the off-season, but this time I was ready for some true riding and a good old fashioned step back in time. First time Coney visitors, take note of the $4.99 ride band after 4pm! ALSO, watch your face on the Pepsi Python if you sit in a back seat. I almost came off of that looking like Daffy Duck after hitting a brick wall. the roundup is perhaps the best I’ve been on, and the other flat rides were very enjoyable. A nice staff everywhere too. And that scrambler! It actually gives Americana’s a run for it’s money! There is also a good line up of shows with better entertainers than you’ll see at KI (except for Jabber Jaws!).

I also HIGHLY recommend the “Greetings From Coney Island” video. At $19.99, it is an Ohio park lover’s dream. Not only does it highlight Coney in its better days, but it shows the park from beginning to end (though it hasn’t fully died--in fact it’s still a popular attraction). Kings Island fans will adore the unique footage of Coney’s rides that are still in service at KI today. Also shown are rides KI didn’t keep long, and even RARE footage of KI at its opening!!!!

Then it was back to KI about 7. They have done some outstanding work with the Tomb Raider announcement. The huge prop at the entrance is worth stopping by to see! What an incredible fireworks/laser show they had too! Vortex still has some left to be painted, and word is that they are waiting till the end of daily operation for that. DRAT! Anywhoooo.....everything else was running at top notch, and FOF is STILL getting re-rides from me! I cannot explain how rewarding it is to get off the ride and hear EVERYONE’S comments. Kids jumping up and down all over the place! Just like RCT......only without the station brakes failure!

In all a very pleasant day.
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Saturday, July 7, 2001 9:33 AM
I am glad you like Coney. I am happy that it didn't die like the old owners had planned for it to. Now if only they would get a new wooden coaster there.

Darren Mullins

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