Kings Dominion's Avalanche roller coaster renamed Reptilian

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From the blog post:

Nearly 80 years after the discovery of Tumbili by Professor Whey, another temple was uncovered by archeology professor, Rovin Jay, in Jungle X.

While leading a project for the Whey Foundation, Professor Rovin Jay and his team uncovered a temple dedicated to the powerful reptile, a crocodile. The builders of this temple were awed and terrified by the creature's deceivingly stealthy yet quick movement. According to the scripts within the site, the temple is named Reptilian.

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Perfect theming for SeaWorld Doswell.

“Welcome back, red snake riders! How was your ride? Awesome…”
I wondered what would happen to Avalanche, especially with the theme upgrade in that area. My fear was that it would be removed, which would be a shame as it’s one of my favorite rides. (Not for thrills, necessarily, but for it’s unique brand of fun found nowhere else in the US.) They won’t be fooling anyone with this makeover, but it seems like a thoughtful re-do. A station that is like an ancient temple would be a finishing touch.

If anything it shows they are committed to keeping and caring for the ride, which is always nice to see with older and unique rides.

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Avalanche is my favorite ride at KD as well. I was really worried that it would be removed sometime soon. This retheme is pretty cool.

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