Kings Dominion will commemorate 40 years with park improvements

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[Ed. note: The following is an excerpt of a press release. -J]

Kings Dominion turns back the clock as the park announces plans for a celebration four decades in the making. This once in a lifetime event will include many surprises, the return of classic park icons and a chance to create new traditions and memories with your family. The celebration will begin next season to commemorate Kings Dominion’s grand opening in 1975.

“As a native Richmond resident, I grew up not only visiting Kings Dominion, but also started my career here as a seasonal associate,” said Pat Jones, Kings Dominion’s Vice President and General Manager. “I have 40 years of fond memories and I am thrilled to share some of these exciting moments with our guests during our special 40th Celebration.”

The central piece of the 40th Celebration will be the introduction of “Ruby”, a custom painted 40th Celebration horse. “Ruby” will be added to the park’s historic Carousel, which dates back to 1917. The Carousel has operated at Kings Dominion since the park opened in 1975.

Those who grew up with Kings Dominion will also notice the return of many original park icons next season, including:

  • The homecoming of the park’s classic blue ice cream, which was a hit with families for decades.
  • A complete restoration of the iconic International Street fountain, which will include a new LED lighting package and additional refurbishments.
  • Reintroduction of one of the park’s original classic midways, Candy Apple Grove. This re-themed area will include new ride lighting packages, return of the classic over-sized candy apples along the midway and other surprises.
  • The return of Safari Village (formerly the Congo area of the park) and will include exciting improvements to Volcano: The Blast Coaster and one of the park’s older roller coasters, Anaconda.

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I'm very interested to see exactly what the improvements to Volcano and Anaconda will be. Hopefully more that just paint. Paint only = anticipointment.

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I'm wondering if Anaconda will see new trains, or at least refurbished ones. I somehow doubt it, but it would be first on my list. It's silly, but I think I'm most excited to see the return of the big (and dated) candy apples than anything else. A close second is the ride lighting packages along that midway.

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Saw some speculation last night (backed up with some evidence) that Volcano's improvement would be a third train...

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How is stacking an improvement?

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I didn't think Anaconda would be around much longer considering how bad it's gotten in recent years and the amount of space it takes up. If they're investing in improvements to it though, that must mean it'll be there for a bit longer.

Will they bring back the singing mushrooms?


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Bill, I also heard a third train rumor.

I'm really excited to see the end result, and hope they do something similar with Carowinds soon.

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Yeah, I don't get how a third train will impact throughput on Volcano. Not the expert, but it seems every time a train is boarded, it sits in the station for several minutes before dispatch; once gone, the empty train behind it rolls right in.

What, no singing mushrooms?! Does this park still even have a Skyway?

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