Kings Dominion to open on 17th for Sneak Preview Day

Posted Monday, March 5, 2001 4:33 AM | Contributed by xtraxtreme

Paramount's Kings Dominion has sent out a letter containing four admission tickets to employees to hand out to friends and relatives for the first ever Sneak Preview Day on Saturday, March 17. The park will operate from 1 to 4 p.m., and afterward, the employees will have exclusive ride time on HyperSonic XLC. Guest parking will be free, and the lot will open at 12:30 p.m. Although this is a rehearsal day for associates, the park expects most rides to be operating as well as most food, merchandise, and games locations, with few exceptions.

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Monday, March 5, 2001 5:32 AM
mannnnn. i wish i knew someone who worked at King's Dominion. shoot. :)
Monday, March 5, 2001 11:58 AM
So I guess we can assume HSXLC is fully functional and tested?

Is it just me or does Hypersonic look like one of those coasters you would see on Looney Toons?
Monday, March 5, 2001 12:12 PM
yup, HXLC will be up and ready
Monday, March 5, 2001 3:53 PM
I can't wait to spend 3 hours on Anaconda! (I can dream, can't I?)
"I want to go on something more thrilling than Hurler!"
Monday, March 5, 2001 4:23 PM
ANACONDA?!? LOL how could you get excited over Anaconda?
Monday, March 5, 2001 4:56 PM
Ananconda is one of the best steel coasters in the area. The Anaconda may be old, not the fastest or tallest ride, but you do go underwater, the coaster is very smooth, it was 4 inversions, including the corkscrews at the end of the ride that seem like you are falling out of the ride, it is such an awesome coaster. I can't wait to ride it again when it opens.
Monday, March 5, 2001 6:57 PM
The Anaconda may be a good steel coaster, but it's a suicide ride! after the first two inversions and the brake run, that unique "butterfly element" hurts right in the middle when you switch directions. The corkscrews are awesome, I must admit, and the first two inversions are pretty cool, but the rest of the ride disappoints me. By the way, underwater my butt! I forget that the ride even goes underwater each time I ride it because it's such a brief and irrelevant part of the ride, that shouldn't even be a trademark of it.
Tuesday, March 6, 2001 1:19 AM
LOL! They should've put a roof over the bottom of the drop or a foot-deep-pool-of-water roof. Now that is a underwater drop. Or even a plexiglas tunnel - too many problems involved.

Damn, wish I worked there.

Home Park - Wonderland Sydney, Australia.
Thursday, March 8, 2001 7:01 AM
I can NOT believe that people aren't posting about Hypersonic...Stan Checkett's is a thrill-seekers best friend, and yet he gets basically ignored...Where's the love for S&S?
Thursday, March 8, 2001 2:34 PM
here's the love for S&S:::
Wednesday, March 14, 2001 7:12 AM
Man I wish I could get tickets!! Does anyone want to take me? I live close to PKD! Please take me. I can wait to ride my favorite ride there , the Grizzly, its the best!

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