Kings Dominion Hours - Closed weekdays in August?

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Or is it just that labor is more expensive/harder to come by currently and so the margin return on those extra hours is lower/negative? I guess that's ultimately another way of saying the same thing.

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I was trying to say something along those lines and just couldn't get the words correct. The labor market definitely has a lot to do with it.

I just checked the 2022 Kings Dominion calendar/Hours and it looks like they are back to normal operating hours. They're open every day between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2022, which is always what I remembered. I was shocked to see them closed weekdays in August last year. I guess COVID and staffing shortages were the issue. I love seeing things get back to normal.

Most parks still had a not normal operating schedule last year, whether it was shorter hours, missing dates, a later opening day, or a little bit of everything. Heck, Cedar Point was closed two days a week in June in 2021.

It's nice to see things back to what they used to be, but I'm not depending on a currently posted park operating calendar for August or September or Halloween season as being set in stone like I would have in 2019 and before. Back in the before times I would very comfortably book flights, hotels, etc. several months in advance for a park trip. I can't say I would comfortably book anything more than 5-6 weeks out at this point.

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