Kings Dominion Early July

I went to Kings Dominion for the first time in early July and I am finally getting around to writing this. I just want to share my experience and hopefully help someone out who is planning on going to the park.

I arrived at 10 when it opened and immediately thought I was at Kings Island due to the fountains and tower.I enjoyed international street and the banners of the countries really added to it. Since I am from Ohio, I used to go to Geauga Lake a few times a summer when it was open but I was never tall enough for Dominator so thats where I went first. I loved it! It is definitely my favorite floorless coaster (There may be a little bias though). After that I went over to Safari Village to ride Volcano but it was closed and I later found out it was not going to open anytime soon so off to Avalanche. I have to say, I loved this ride. It really got up on the side of the track and was quite fast which I did not expect. Following my ride on Avalanche I walked over to the big star of the show, Intimidator 305. This coaster was one of the most intense I have ever been on. I experienced the signature blackout on the first turn and regained my vision when we went over the first airtime hill. The only thing that could make this ride better is installing lap bars so you can really feel the way it twists you without worrying about hitting your head.

To get the credit I rode Flight of Fear and Backlot which are just ok rides.

I have to admit, Anaconda was not as bad as Coaster Studios makes it out to be. I found it to be smoother than some other Arrow loopers like Vortex and Corkscrew.

I enjoyed Candy Apple Grove and its singing mushrooms and giant candy apples. I also loved Twisted Timbers! The airtime was amazing and I'm pretty sure I rode it 10 times (I had fastlane). My favorite part was the barrel roll drop at the beginning, its unique and sets the tone for the rest of the ride.

Apple Zapple was a fun little wild mouse ride and Rebel Yell (I know I know) was racing which I heard didnt happen much but I could be wrong. The last major coaster I rode was Grizzly which gave a great night ride but was a little rough.

I also went to Soak City in the afternoon and found all the people. The dry park was extremely empty but the waterpark was packed. The one slide I wanted to get on was closed so I settled for a few cycles in the wave pool and explored the fort.

Other than Beserker and The Crypt, the flat ride collection isnt the best but I enjoyed them as always. In my opinion, their Boo Blasters is the best one I have ridden.

For food I had pot roast at the country kitchen with my meal plan and some Ritas which was amazing as always.

To finish off the night I rode Twisted Timbers, I305, Grizzly, and Dominator a few times each at night and watched the Fireworks on Americana.

Kings Dominion is one of my favorite Cedar Fair Parks and I305 and TT are world class coasters, I think TT was better but Im a huge fan of RMC coasters and the airtime. If you are ever in the Richmond or DC area I definitely recommend taking a trip down to Doswell.

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I took my very first trip to Kings Dominion this year as well. As a native Ohioan who grew up at Geauga Lake, riding Dominator again was tons of fun. The day and a half I was there the place was dead and other than Twisted Timbers I walked on whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. It’s a great park with a really good coaster collection. Grizzly was really the only dud in the park, but the excellent log flume made up for it.

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Nope, you're 100% correct. Dominator is the best Floorless. Hahaha.

My son and I were also surprised by how much we enjoyed Avalanche when we visited a few years ago.

Shame about Volcano. It's our favorite ride in the park, but we've not ridden Twisted Timbers.

I find I-305 to be much like Maverick. Too fast for it's own good and not very enjoyable.

I liked i305, but that gray out turn really got to me every time. It just put too many unnatural forces on my head and I didn’t like the way it made me feel. The second half, which I called “the Maverick half” was excellent though.

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