Kings Dominion crowded on Easter?

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What do the regulars say? Is it gonna be jam packed, normal, or dead? Hmmm... chocolate bunnies and coasters...

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I would imagine, if it is anything like the other parks in the U.S. it will probably be dead, or at least slow.

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Our Six Flags has given one of their "bring a friend free on Easter" coupons to pass holders for the last 4 or 5 years. I imagine that means it's not a terribly popular day to go to the park, especially if no such coupon is available.

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SFOT has done the season pass bring a friend on the 3 spring Sunday "holidays" (Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day) for probably close to 20 years. When I worked at the park, those days weren't packed, but the crowds were pretty steady for a day when most people are doing other activities with their families.

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We were at Hershey last Easter and it was dead, with station waits on most everything. I would guess that KD will be the same.

This year we are doing Hershey on Friday and SFGAdv on Saturday and Sunday morning unless the rest of the gang wants to head up to Luna. Problem with that is it is a long drive home.

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Thanks guys, that all makes sense, looks like I'll be hitting a park - probably KD for Easter :)


I hope KD isn't too crowded. We are going to be there Friday and part of Saturday.

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