Kings Dominion announces Twisted Timbers roller coaster

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From the announcement:

Twisted Timbers sits at the edge of Candy Apple Grove and gives riders a one-of-a-kind experience. Plummet down a 109-foot-tall barrel roll drop that sends you twisting across 3,351 feet of track with two more inversions and 20 airtime hills at speeds of 54 miles per hour.

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I'm very, VERY excited for this ride. I absolutely love Kings Dominion, and I'm glad to see Hurler take on a new life as a showstopper.

I wish they had kept the low-level turn around the start of the ride instead of turning it into an overbanked turn, but honestly, I think this ride is going to be fantastic. Great job, Kings Dominion and RMC!

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Hurler was excellent in its early years, but no amount of maintenance or retracking seemed to help it later on. This is a welcome change. Not sure if I'll make it there next year, but I need to eventually if I plan to continue my useless dork goal of riding every coaster KD has ever had.

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I think I did it in 1999, and I really liked it. I thought it was cool that so much of the ride was low and fast after essentially just one big hill. The turns were really cool.

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Then there's the original at KK, which was once one of the best rides on the planet. The series of progressively higher hops just seemed to get faster.
Later it got altered and yet was still uncomfortable. I rode the latest version last summer, but only twice on an evening when I never would have had to leave my seat. While Storm Chaser was a much needed conversion, and also while KK has attempted to "fix" Thunder Run, it's a shame they didn't have RMC work their steel magic there, too.

Did I just wish another wooden coaster away? Sorry.

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Yeah, the Hurler twins were solid, but Thunder Run is in a class by itself. Somewhere I have an email conversation saved between myself and John Fetterman where he explained the Hurlers' (and Thunder Run's) conception. It's pretty fascinating.

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Rode hurler at Carowinds and Thunder Run. Am I crazy cuz I'm pretty sure they aren't clones..?

The best of all the jokers is clearly Mark Hamill.

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They're near clones. Not exactly.

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Shivering Timbers, Soaring Timbers, Mystic Timbers, and now Twisted Timbers. Timbers is officially the new Hawk.

This ride looks pretty good, especially considering they had to work with the rather uninteresting Hurler ride path. I'll have to head down to Virginia to check this out next year.

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Disappointed that I won't be able to park mid-Timbers at KD, though.

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Hurler's layout was decent if you really love laterals. However, the shimmying on those laterals was pretty pronounced for its last few years of operation, which I felt completely ruined the ride. I'm really psyched to get another RMC within driving distance, especially at a park I really enjoy. I'm guessing this will be my first experience with the company's rides as well, which is awesome. I'm guessing it won't unseat Toro as my number one coaster, but I have a good feeling it will at least boot a top 10 coaster for me. So excited!

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We just finished a day at Kings Dominion, my first visit to the park. We LOVED it. Beautiful park. Twisted Timbers will only make the park that much better.

But then again, what do I know?

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