Kings Dominion announces Intimidator 305

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Kings Dominion today announced Intimidator 305, a 5,100-foot long steel roller coaster. It takes its name from stock car driver Dale Earnhardt, “The Intimidator,” along with the height of the coaster’s lift hill, 305 feet. It will reach speeds over 90 mph. The ride will be a $25 million investment at the park.

Visit the official Intimidator 305 site.

See construction photos in the CoasterBuzz roller coaster database.

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I have heard from someone at KD GR that they are currently questioning if I305 will open with the rest of the park. While this was not really a shock with all the rain they have been having. What was shocking was that a CF employee would tell us that over the phone.

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It looks to me like construction is really moving. I could be wrong, but I thought it was January when Cedar Point put the highest track piece of Millennium Force in place. It's mid November and the severity of the winters in central VA don't even compare to Sandusky's (especially right on the lake). I'd bet it opens on schedule.

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Talking to some PR friends at KD, they goal early February as the completion date. Barring no major weather issues. (Our crazy rainy winters start in Jan/Feb in Va)

They fully expect day one of park opening to have a coaster full of people zooming across the track.

I hope to get some more photos in the upcoming weeks.

I personally find it humorous that they have already begun to add additional supports to the lift hill not visible in the digital rendering. The rendering shows only two supports holding up the entire lift, yet just posted to the construction gallery is a photo of an additional support between the station and first large support that's half way up the lift. The Support can be viewed here.

I'm beginning to wonder if this is going to be an issue as it has been with impulse coasters and Xcelerator. It almost seemed too good to be true when I first saw the rendering on announcement day.

Read here. It has already been discussed that the support you are referring to is only temporary.

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They got the first hill done very early this morning (like 1:00 am). Looks amazing.

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Cool. Very Cool. I wonder how long before we see a lifthill with just a single support at the apex?

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You're more likely to see a lift hill with one support in the middle of the lift side.

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Very exciting! Looks like a lot of fun.

Why does looking at it make me want to run out to McDonald's to get a Double Cheeseburger?

I seriously believe that the chain uses that specific color scheme because it makes people hungry. Look at any fast food logo. Red, like catchup, and Yellow, like mustard.

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Now if they would just let us know when opening day will be.

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DaveStroem said:
They got the first hill done very early this morning (like 1:00 am).

A little after 2:00 am on Monday it was completed. Problem was due to one of the cranes brought out had a major computer issue (on top of typical Virginia November Rain -- :::hums guns n roses:::)).

It was supposed to have been topped on Sunday but those 2 delays pushed it into the wee hours of Monday morning.

I will have photos posted on CB hopefully tomorrow. Was definitely impressive to walk around, though I almost lost my shoe in mud 3 times.

At this time opening day for the ride is opening day for the park season. They expect the track circuit done in January, and based on me walking the area today, its definitely doable.

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