Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Europe (6/3-6/4)

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First off driving there overnight after getting no sleep from a very happening and energetic city after the cavaliers victory saturday night. Me and my mom who slept during the game, got to kings dominion at about 930 in a turrential downpour.

We have season passes from cedar point with the max pass option but they did not scan, but it didnt really matter as the weather kept the crowds at bay. Quick minute or two at guest services and we had tickets or a printout. Inside was just like the entrance to kings island with a large spread of fountains and the eiffel tower. Most people were diving into shops for ponchos and such. I was freezing so i bought a kings dominion hoodie. 30 bucks wasnt bad, and i spent little else besides food. The rides slowly started opening despite much of the rain. The employees we talked to were very nice and we had a nice talk with the woman who worked in the emporium for about 20 minutes. First ride we saw actually running was volcano. So we ventured into it and i nearly fell down the ramps that lead into the station. Slick water on the bottom of my shoes, maybe a bit of excitement.

Great ride to be honest one of my favorites in the park. Two launches that weren't too intense, but just about right. The transitions in the spins up top around the mountain were absolutely delightful.

We then did scooby for the first time ever since i never had the chance at kings island. Good ride as well, some targets didnt work but still fun, Cedar Point really could benefit the family if they had one, ie area of pirate ride.

Then a few of the other coasters, such as Flight of Fear, Italian Job, and that really compact standup Shockwave. All just about what i expected, but i think shockwave, is actually not too bad for being a Togo, considering i have heard horror stories about them. Less forceful than the B&M standups.

Then it was on to rebel yell we did it backwards and it seemed a bit rough, but i cant complain as it was still better than the other two woodies in the park.

We also did Hypersonic which has a seriously forceful launch in my opinion, but it is horrible going up, the rest is just what it is short and nothing important really.

Grabbed lunch at the one hotdog place, slips my mind. But its near Shockwave if im correct. Good food cedar fair pricing.

Then did some flats like the flyers still learning the ability to snap em. Also did anaconda which i like and it became a good trend with the two arrow loopers this weekend. I really enjoyed the park, it just seemed to be like kings island. But the employees were nice and things couldnt have worked out better even with the rain.

Then we went down the interstate and made our way towards williamsburg. Stopped to see the presidents park, which was pretty cool but a bit pricey. Being a history major in school makes it sweeter to learn more background than what you are normally taught.

Stayed at the days inn an exit away from busch gardens.

Got to busch gardens at about 930 in the morning and walked around once we were in. Absolutely was stunned by how well themed the place really is. The shops were really nice, and really fit the countries well.

First ride was griffon like 3rd train or so out. Wow, i can say this ride, as it being my first dive coaster, seemed to disappoint. I think it was the same thing twice. A dive off the hill, and then like an immelman, nothing real special.

Then alpengeist, which we rode in the middle row to start and thought it was fairly good, but it was a bit rougher than most beemers in the first half. Rerode it in the front where it seemed much smoother. Had some great moments, but it does lack at the end a bit, as compared to talon or raptor.

Then it was off to the flume to kill time until Octoberfest opened. The log flume i enjoyed, because somehow i ended up soaked as compared to most of them, i got water dumped on me in the sawmill area, when we sloshed and a huge amount fell on my shorts. Good flume altogether.

Then we went back to Octoberfest, and it still wasnt open, but it was sporting a nice line to get in. We chatted with a coaster enthusiast by the name of Clint. Good guy and seemed to be well versed on his stuff.

We went on to darkcastle which was cool. Although i didnt really catch much of a backstory, but i would have been dead it that was real, seeing all of those virtual arrows and axes and stuff coming at my head.

Then a quick trip on big bad wolf, which was pretty nice for a suspended arrow, it had some nice quick turns and such. The only one i have ever known to have a trim on a drop.

Then made our way to the Scotland section of the park to take on Nessie. WOW, this is actually ranking as a great arrow looper for me. I think this ride really is pretty sweet with the interlocking loops adding to some fear as they come pretty close together and the tunneled helix was also pretty sweet. I see why it is a classic, because it really is unique.

Also another area we checked out was italy and would frequent it a few more times, for apollos chariot, which is a superb coaster with nice air, and also some solid turns on the drops especially the one under the lift. We also did Corkscrew hill and escaped from Pompei which was nice with the theming by far the ceiling on fire was pretty awe inspiring.

Also had a great lunch at the festhaus of german sausages and excellent german potato salad.

By far i enjoyed busch gardens, it ranks up there as one of my favorite places i have had the pleasure of being at.

The only thing busch gardens lacks is a good kiddy area, it seemed like land of dragons had few rides, and the net complex, they have smaller rides spread out all over the place.

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The Wolf is surprisingly good for a suspended arrow. I still remember the stories that that thing losing control on the early testing and having a car snap off into the river at the bottom. That was why they added the trims.

I'm glad that you had a good time. Busch Gardens Europe is, without a doubt, one of my favorites.

SROS:SFA The third hill owns you!
Yea, their kiddie area is a bit old and could use some attention.

As for Togo standups, while they don't track like a B&M, I do prefer their "seat" to B&M's "seat", as I find it more comfortable and less intrusive.

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I did the same trip in April too, and also went to Carowinds. I agree the Scooby Ride is a great concept, and since Knott's is my home park, I too was thinking that it would be a great replacement for the Pirate Ride at CP and Kingdom of the Dinosaurs at Knott's. I hope Cedar Fair is thinking the same thing. With a little higher budget, perhaps the new trackless vehicles, it could be really cool.

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