Kings Dominion 8/31/09

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So with the forecast here in Willimsburg calling for rain, we decided to head to someplace with a better forecast and make the drive up to Kings Dominion. Last trip Dominator was not yet finnished, so I was looking forward to riding, but otherwise, would rather have spent two days at Busch Gardens myself - but a relationship is about compromise right?

Before arriving I should mention that I had an awful issue with purchasing the $31.99 admission online, and after three days of feeling like a tennis ball between my card provider and the park, Kings Dominion decided to offer me the price if I were to visit the Guest Service window. It took some time, but once I got the right person she was great to work with!

Once through one of two metal detectors open, we went for a trip up the Eiffel Tower for photos. I have never been to the park outside of April, so it was nice to see the trees full and lots of shady areas. We noticed right away that it seemed that most coasters were up and running right at park opening, save Avalanche and Shockwave that open at noon. The park was dead, so I will preface this by saying that the only coaster with a wait was Stunt Coaster, and that was a three train wait.

Grizzly - still forceful, bouncy, and fast. Only thing I still cant understand is that turnaround after the drop. In the cool, damp morning air it felt like we were going to just come to a stop.

El Dorado - very short program, twice around one direction, stop for 30 seconds at the top, reverse, done. Nice placement, and cool theme.

Riccochet - only people on the ride, hardly any braking. Really put the Wild in Wild Mouse, but not something I will wait more than 10 minutes for.

Hurler - not the worst coaster ever, but far from the best. There was some air in the front, but the amount of shuffle and yawing killed that after the frist two hills. Some TLC and rebuild of the trains and this could be an awesome coaster.

Rebel Yell - not as rough as past years, but still not as great as it once was.

Drop Tower - was this ever a gryo drop? Sat on the Richmond side, always fun to see the city skyline.

Backlot Stunt Coaster - probly my favorite in the park, and if they had more than one train on, would have spent much time here.

We took a break for food, at the grill in the congo. I almost lost my appitite paying $30 for two burgers, a large fry, and a large drink. Food was better than something found in a dumpster, thats all I can say. Took full advantage of the free topping bar and ate my weight in pickles LOL

Anaconda - rough, even the first drop was unpleasant. Take a cue from your neighbors down the road KD - "end of service life"...

Flight of Fear - seemed darker than recent years, was left very disoriented. Loose items policy is strange on this one, as there is not really a bad drop, and we had to inturrupt operations to have the attendants find ours.

Avalanche - fun, thats all

Volcano - never have I seen a walk on with Volcano. However, I am getting used to the launches, but still fun for what it is.

Tomb R, er Firef, er The Crypt - don't understand the replacement of the "All Seeing Eye" with the vomiting skeleton. Fire effects not working, and that bummed me out.

Scooby Doo and the Haunted Mansion - YAY! the guns work!

Scooby Doo's Ghoaster Coaster - I love this little woodie, the best wood coaster in the park.

Dominator - WOW! WOW! Smooth, forceful, and airtime! Still missing that loverly zero-g roll on SFNE's Batman, but still - WOW! By far the best ride in the park now.

Beserker - oooh.. look all the pretty braids... ooooh

Flying Eagles or whatever - better than Flying Falcons at Hershey, but once we got up to speed, the ride was over.

Shockwave - see above comment for Anaconda...

We then did a reride on BLSC, Volcano, FOF, Crypt and Grizzly. Closing in on six we decided to head back to Willimasburg to find the Golden Corral, to make up for the horrible soilent green for lunch. All in all, not a terrible day, but looking more foward to eating breakfast in a few minutes and driving over to Busch Gardens!

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!
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phoenixphan :-) said:
I almost lost my appitite paying $30 for two burgers, a large fry, and a large drink....Took full advantage of the free topping bar and ate my weight in pickles LOL

That's awesome! I fully support taking any and all measures to get your money's worth. Well done! :)

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

Ah, getting the most amount for your money at a theme park is a must! Yes I did the same thing when I went to Cedar Point a couple weeks ago. I ate at coasters and spent over $15 on a burger, drink, and fries which I think is what is to be expected at a theme park. I managed to get 3 refills of my 20 oz. drink while I sat in the cool air conditioned restaurant! That made it worth the money to me.

Collin Aynes

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I personally like to stuff my pockets with lots of napkins.. It helps me justify the food cost a bit more..

Course some places have caught on and "ration" them to you and then give you an evil look when you ask for one more just to make it seem like a full napkin.

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Napkins? Come on. Do you realize how many napkins you'd have to stu... ohhhhh, right... never mind. ;)

I have been known to do a quick calc in my head of how many refills of pop I'd have to drink to get what I consider a good value for the price. It's worth it to me. :)

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

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Finally home, unpacked, and pictures uploaded

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!

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