Kings Dominion 7/31-8/1

Must say that Saturday was pretty crazy with the amount of people in that park. Hadn't seen many recent comments on Intimidator 305 so here are my thoughts as well as the other coasters.

I-305. While they are totally different experiences I will say I like the 305 version of Intimidator better than Carowinds. I can't speak about the ride experience before the multiple changes but I have nothing bad to say about the new restraints at all. No pain at all and probably are an improvement. Couldn't imagine being in the turns with harder plastic or whatever the old ones were. Graying out was about half the rides I did and half the rides I didn't. Overall there is a lot that I like about the ride, the speed and the hard turns. But what keeps it from elite status is the trim on the drop. It is really noticeable and whoever coined the phrase that it was neutered I would say is dead on. Would love to ride it with the better restraints and without the trim now and see what it could do. Maybe it would be too much and screw up the second part of the ride but that *&*&@ trim. Oh well. Still a ride I liked a good bit. They were spraying the wheels with water as well in the station.

Volcano- Had a little bit of downtime, but a pretty unique and fun ride nonetheless. Like the inversions as always the seem to give you a full flip on this one.

Flight Of Fear- Outside it says that you are at fort Kinzel. Maybe that is why the A/C was not working inside the building. That was a bit below the belt. I remember riding this with the OTSRs and liking it then and is even better without them.

Dominator- Yeah that is a pretty big loop. Good B & M design.

Backlot Stunt Coaster- A short ride but very enjoyable and fun. A bit more than I expected.

Anaconda- A dying breed with one or two weird transitions. Not bad. Seat belts on Arrow loopers come on!

Shockwave- An all but extinct breed. Not sure what is more fun, the ride itself or trying to fit into the restraints.

Not much more to say.

Rebel Yell- Turn the one side around please. Seemed normal and tracking well.

Hurler- A little bit of shaking just have to know to brace yourself hard in the turns.

Grizzly- A little more shaking but really not painful.

Ricochet- Fun little wild mouse.

Can't complain much about the trip. Certainly were not hurting for business on Saturday but it is summer with a big new coaster.

tservo, I was there on Saturday as well, first time riding Intimidator with the trim and new restraints (great new restraints). The trim does take away from the first drop but the good thing is they turned off the trim on the final hills.

I agree KD seems to be doing fine business wise, this was the most crowded i've ever seen the place! Everything had a fairly large line (except Hurler). Glad you had a good time!

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tservo said:

Anaconda- A dying breed with one or two weird transitions. Not bad. Seat belts on Arrow loopers come on!

Thanks for the trip report but personally, I think seat belts on any older Arrow train are a good idea

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Saturday they had two large IT companies from NorVa there for Family and Friends day.. Mostly why it was so busy. Generally it isnt that crazy for the entire day.

Must have missed that about the arrow loopers. I didn't consider Anaconda to be an older Arrow looper either. Same year as Steel Phantom which rode many many times and never thought about belts.

Yeah Intimadator seemed at the right pace to take the second half of the ride and really have no complaints just noticed the trimming hard. Can't have it all I guess. That would explain why it was really crowded.

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No Avalanche? One of the best sleds in the US!

Sure would like to try I-305 without those horrid OTSRs, they really kinda ruined the ride experience for me...even trimmed, I think I'll prefer the ride now over what I experienced on May 1.

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Forgot to mention Avalanche. Did ride and could have included that under dying/extinct breed I guess. Nothing painful about the new restraints that is for sure.

RE: I305
What is it with the whole trim thing? This ride has improved so much since day 1, I just don't get the whole 'its too slow on the first drop' business. Maybe I just don't know what the hell I'm talking (and I'm sure someone will point that out) but it doesn't seem any slower now. You still come down the bloody drop very, very fast, you still get pushed into your seat on that first turn and you still go over the second hill a good clip. The big difference is that you can watch the whole thing now. It's not like you have to get out and push the train up the hill.
The new restraints are terrific too. All in all, it is still a great coaster and one of the best around.

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