Kings Dominion 6/11/2016 - Massive Power Outage

This was relayed to me by a friend who took his family to the park today. There was a massive power outage in the park. When the power came back, some rides still remained down. Was anyone here there? Has anyone heard information about the cause of the situation?

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Me again, an update: they just closed the park early. I guess it's not too early, but still. Evidently there were lots of people stuck on lots of rides. I think the park was giving out vouchers - not sure if it was for day passes or very nice discounts. Also, my friend remarked that Cedar Fair must have put some definite love into the park. From a few photos that I've seen, this is definite. And what is the dinosaur section about - that looks pretty cool!

News (if you could call it that) article here. Gotta love the quality reporting. The accompanying video has some real gems, including cellphone video taken while walking down the steps of Anaconda.

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That's really funny news reporting there. "I don't like her." LOL

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