Kings Dominion 4/11 Intimidator ROCKS!

I had not been on a coaster since 2005 when I went to KD last Saturday! I moved to Alaska for a while (from Wisconsin) and they just don't have the market for coasters up there. Guess it's something to do with the subzero temps and lack of daylight!

So you can imagine my surprise when I entered KD last weekend and saw the glory of INTIMIDATOR 305 for the first time!!! All I could think was: Millennium Force with Meatballs!

We got our season passes on Saturday and rode a little bit, but the real joy was on Sunday when The.Park.Was.Empty!!! There were less than 30 people at the season pass entry behind the Eiffel Tower! Unbelievable. We casually strolled to Volcano and rode it first--walk-on three times in a row! Met a lovely coasterfan couple waiting for the ride to open--I think we might get married on a coaster too now.

Loved Volcano...never been on a LIM coaster that started moving before the launch...mostly coasters like Wicked Twister where they just launch you from 0! It was a huge surprise.

We tried Flight of Fear, which was a great start, but too twisty for my taste. I'd rather hurtle along in the dark up and down hills than rotating around in a spiral over and over.

Then we tackled I305 for a few rides. FIVE MINUTE WAIT on a beautiful spring day! I could not believe it. I just can't take more than 3 in a row on this baby! I'll have to try the pilot maneuver this weekend because that whole graying-out thing has got to stop! We got second seat once (I got first seat my very first ride on it!), but I really prefer the back.

It took me a little while to get up the courage to ride the Drop. Now, I like drop rides, but this bad boy is HUGE. That extra 70 feet over Great America's drop really makes a difference! But it was well worth it as I screamed my lungs out for a full 5-6 seconds on the way down!!!

My absolute favorites are the woodies, and Rebel Yell and Grizzly did not let me down. (Hurler's being refurbished at the moment.) Griz in particular was a heckuva ride--the back seat nearly shook us to pieces. Since there were no lines, we were able to ride and ride and ride and ride...every seat at least once that day! Gotta love that tunnel...scared me to bits the first time we went through it! I was reminded of Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin Dells.

After a final run on I305, we headed home, vowing to bring sunblock next weekend. We'll be back on Sunday morning!

That's good you are close to a decent park... Intimidator305 is a great addition to a park that is already good.

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