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Posted | Contributed by Paul Drabek

Kicking off a road trip, Bond, Paul and a bunch of friends at Kings Dominion soak in Intimidator 305, Avalanche, Volcano and the rest of Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia.

See the photos from on Negative-G.

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Nice report!!

I'm glad they're doing something with yogi bear's old cave. That was such a favorite of mine as a kid.

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I know I say it a lot, but I love Negative-G's website!

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Paul: "Intimidator's violent directional changes with a hard harness would have been torture with your neck getting bashed again and again."

Truer words have *never* been spoken! I really really wanted to love the ride...SFoG's Ninja at 305' (and 92mph) was more like it.

"Now if they can just add these to all of their coasters with over the shoulder restraints I'd be happy and a whole lot of people would enjoy their rides more."

If they're as good as I've been hearing, they would certainly make me infinitely more Maverick- and Fahrenheit-friendly. (I'll never like Ka, but I might like StormRunner even more if that's even possible).

Re: Grizzly. On hind sight I'm kicking myself for not heading back there for a night ride before calling it a day because I bet this ride shines at night.

Yes, you should be kicking yourself, because that tunnel at night is absolutely *insane*.

Always happy to see love for the Mack sled, it's clearly a ride that should have made it to more US parks...also happy they're doing something for *YOGI'S* Cave...and happy to send some love to Neg-G.

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Hey Guys,

Glad you liked the update and yes Intamin needs to keep adding those harnesses to their rides as they're the first restraint they designed that doesn't suck. Oh, they need to put those on Avatar as well.

Have Fun


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Everyone has broadband now, you can put more than three pictures on a page ;).

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Regarding night rides on Grizzly,

Many years ago, before they carved out the woods to put the Wayne's World section and Hurler (*YAWN*), i took a night ride on Grizzly. It was pitch black the whole time. It was the most amazing experience. Front row for hangtime, too :-) After they carved the woods, it was never the same, not even close.

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Agreed. I wish they'd have left the trees surrounding Grizzly. And not just for charm.

Tekwardo said:

Everyone has broadband now, you can put more than three pictures on a page ;).

Actually I have been putting 4 pictures per page for about 3-4 years now.


Honestly I hate the whole page full of a billion pictures. If all you want are pictures those are great but I view my site as storytelling and like any good book if you're enjoying it you'll turn the page.

Have Fun


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