Kings Dominion 05/13/12

Rumors are true! Mother's Day crowds are non-existent. I think i have a new tradition....

Weather - Perfect

Round Trip, York, PA to Doswell, VA and back: 26 hrs

Mileage: Approx. 365 miles

Hotel Stay: Best Western. Not bad actually.

New Coasters Ridden: 12

Lifetime Coaster Count: 101.

Milestone Coasters:

90 - Dominator,

95 - Intimadator 305,

100 - Shockwave (ok, so not like the most impressive coaster for a big number, but i wasn't NOT gonna ride it just to preserve the number lol)

Grey-Out Achieved on I305: Yes

Longest Wait: Volcano (Surprise!...but still only 20 minutes)

Didn't Hurt as much as the Kings Island Version Award: Flight of Fear. Much more enjoyable for some reason.

Probably Awesome in its Hey-Day Award: Anaconda. First Drop and Loop and final Corkscrews were fine, but jarred my neck something fierce after the MCBR. Really just wanted it to end after that.

Really? What was the Point? Award: Hurler. This really should have been more fun. And, wow, what a long queue! (it was a walk on, of course)

Where the F#$% is the Entrance Award: Grizzly

Flat Ride Ridden: Windseeker

Lived Up to the Hype: Being shot out the top of Volcano in the Front-row.

Didn't Hurt as Much as I Thought Award: Shockwave.

Honestly is the Best Policy Award: Shockwave. Ride Op checking my restraints: "This isn't the most comfortable ride." Very True

Oddly fun: Avalanche (Number 101 since it was down early in the day, btw)

Best Seat in the House Award: Front Row I305

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I like the format of this TR. I may steal it in the future.

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

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I'd like to +1 individual lines of the TR. Grizzly entrance, Hauler long queue.

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