Kings Dominion 6/29.... CROWDED

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Saturday, July 12, 2008 3:13 PM
Now here we are... pulling into the parking lot at KD things seem to be looking ok. We arrived at around 12:30 and went to get in line to get inside the park. Can you say WTF! the lines were packed took us at least an hour and a half to just get inside =(.

well anyways on to the coasters...

we decided to go to Shockwave first. We went to get in line but it was all the way past that little flat ride next to it. meh we will come back later.

Rebel yell
a walk on practically. We got in the back seat right as we walked into the a station. what a great woody this is... very fun loved the airtime the drop was excellent too.. kinda wished we would have raced. a little side note that both trains were fowards. 8/10

i love the setting of this ride. it provided us with shade. was very hot that day. eh line was kinda long a 20 min wait at the longest. Got on the yellow train, even had time to take on ride photos =). This ride is pretty rough likes to throw you around a bit but great overall ride. lots of tight turns and the tunnel rips right through you.7/10

next we decided to move all the way around the park to anaconda. The line was past the sign but it was running two trains so we decided what the heck. 25 min wait got on the back seat again took on ride photos. Loved the scenery on this coaster too. Arrow really did that loop in. loved this ride even tho a little head banging here and there. like the helix too.
8.5/10. underwater tunnel =) 2 trains were runninf

stopped on our way to volcano to watch krypt for a lil bit.
volcano had to have the longest line everrr wow all the way past cyrpt and even further. you no i had to just wait it out for this one. took about an hour and 45 min to get on. got the back seat =). 2 trains runninf. the launch is great soo much anticipation built on this one. loved the turn coming out of the lims as well. they even feature onride cameras that take live videos hehe. loved this ride the in line twists are great. the roll out got me too. the wait... eh dont want to do that again, kinda short but still give it a 9 for how much fun it was.

had time for one more ride.. and you no we couldn't sleep on dominator lawlz. so we head back to the front of the park. by this time im already use to waiting in line for these coasters so idc. line was about 45 min. whats cool about dominator is they had a dj playing it music in the queue area. it def helped pass the the time. finally up the stairs and into the 2nd row from the front. They were running 3 trains as well. Took the outside left seat. The drop is stunning and right into the huge loop =) wow i loved this ride. so smooth and the cobra roll was insane. Loved it. 9.5 out of ten. A great wasy to end an iffy day =) thanks guys


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