Kingda Ka Translation... lose your lunch

My curiosity got the best of me last night & I insisted on knowing what the hell Kingda Ka means. I know its swahili but google doesn't translate to that. I found another site that does ( i forget what) & there was no direct translation. I found another site which also states taht there is no "direct translation" but when it is, it comes out to loose your lunch. i dont know.. kinda clever if you ask me
I don't know where that website came up with that, but it's incorrect. The name Kingda Ka is totally made up.


Kingda Ka means "Ride of Your Life" in Swahili
I thought Six Flags said that it was made up to mean 'King of Coasters'?
Correct. The name is totally made up. The word "king" in the title is not a coincidence.


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I thought it meant something else but I won't type it here. ;-)


I thought that it ment Tiger or something considering they put a Tiger in some of the signs and souveniers (<--spelling?)

Bad Tina!
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Some of the engravings on the wood posts in the Golden Kingdom features a tiger over the name "Kingda Ka".

I personally think it's just something to remind everyone that it's the tallest and fastest (at the moment), plus it goes along with Golden Kingdom's theming.


The one baby tiger at the park is named Kingda Ka (no joke), so I doubt they'd name a tiger after a word that means "loose your lunch" or even "king of coasters". The name is completly made up and is made to sound exotic, there is no meaning behind it.

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The link in the first post is obviously a joke if people were actually believing they were "wrong". Everyone knows Kingda Ka means "Don't Phunk with my Park".


I thought it meant "Largest Phallus".

Was that what YOU were thinking, Tina?

Even though I realize it's a joke, I seriously thought that was what it meant for a while now. I even told some friends.

You know, Danny, I wonder, If I take you home, would you still be in love baby? In love Baby?

A good song, but far from the best on the album. Which is better than the last. And I was an avid fan, went out and bought Elephunk after seeing them in concert and hearing Shut Up & Labor Day.

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Now Dexter, whatever gave you THAT idea? ;-)

Clint, stop stalking Danny. That's MY job!

I remember when I first adopted my cats 2 years ago ONE of them was almost named "Dragster". If I were adopting them today I might consider "Kingda Ka" although I think the name is MUCH more fitting for a tiger. :-)

Luckily I picked "Timbers" and "Kumba" for my cats' names.


the guys that work the ride even joke about it being phallic looking from its side profile----------a large c--k and balls.
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TeknoScorpion said:

.......A good song, but far from the best on the album.. .....

I agree, my vote goes for Union, for it's lyrics and Dum Diddly, for its rump shaking capabilites. Loving the reggae influence that has crept into many song releases lately. I'm even wearing my jamaica shirt today :-)

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I think it means "doesn't run during June or July."
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It actually means "Screw you, Cedar Point!"

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How come I can't see any posts on this thread after Andy's on August 17, 2005..including the recent post(s) that revived this thread?

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