Kingda Ka possibly getting ready to reopen

A friend of mine who was at the park yesterday has told me that Kingda Ka was testing throughout the day. If things go well, hopefully this ride might actually open for the remainder of the season

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Of course it is. I was just at the park on Monday. :(

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I find it amazing that this year that two of the most talked about rides have been rides that haven't been operational for a while (SOB and KK, and for vastly different reasons, of course).

The only reason I'm interested in this is that I'd like to have KK up for a visit in September, but ONLY because it takes people out of every other big coaster line. On our visit last October KK opened up at 1 and IMMEDIATELY everyone stopped what they were doing to get in that line, making any coaster wait, but particularly El Toro's wait, 15 minutes shorter. Good times!

DaveStroem said:
Of course it is. I was just at the park on Monday. :(

Sorry the luck ran out! Besides, only the orange and blue trains are even worth riding, so there's a 50% chance your ride would've been rough and sucky anyway.

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