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Well, I finally got to ride this monster after months of delays. I must say it is OUTSTANDING.

SFGA instituted a Season Pass only ride hour on Fridays in August from 9 to 10am. Arrived with my coaster buddy Cynthia at 8:30 am. Got in line for entry and then in line for the park. At 9 the gate came down and predictably all the teenagers ran. We did too, but not the whole way. We were pleased to see some young-in's stopping as well so we didn't feel to ancient. Got on line for the front row.

The ride loads beautifully and very quickly. The way you pick a row is a little confusing as you have to bypass the 1st train to get to the 2nd. Not really enough space and no signage. While we were waiting for the front, there were several times there were empty rows and the staff had to cajole people to move down. Several opportunities came up for us to get on another row, but we waited. Doubt that's a problem once it gets more crowded.

We got on the ride at 9:35am and it was worth the wait. As it shoots across the flat part before it goes up, it seems to speed up in the middle. Felt like a nitrous oxide system for cars in the way it kicks in and speeds you up. Was a little scary. Could barely see anything from the wind. Going up the hill was exhilirating. Arriving at the top and the 2 seconds of view were outstanding. Then the fast plunge back down was awesome. We both loved it.

Decided not to ride again because the line was now really long. We walked over to Nitro and rode that twice. Once waiting about 10 mins for the front and again without waiting for the back. Since everyone was at Kingda, the lines were truly nil. It was now about 10:15. Next we walked over to Medusa and rode that twice, once in the front and once in the back. There was NO waiting.

Finally, we did the log flume as it was so bloody hot.

I think we were all done at 11:30 and headed out (we both had afternoon things to do).

It was a GREAT day and we plan to do the same this Friday.

With the addition of Kingda, SFGA now has, IMHO, 3 of the best coasters around. All 3 very smooth. Two are fairly long. One is the tallest, fastest thing around, although admittedly this bragging point will probably last about 6 months and it is only barely faster and taller than the one at CP (which I have not ridden). Great to have it as my home park.


I am a CP fan boy, but I really love SFGA. It is a great park with some great rides. Nitro is still my #1 steel. Too bad KK was down this spring when I visited. :(

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

azo, I will be there this friday for the first ride of the day on KK I got 4 rides on it at coaster celebration. If your going look for me I will be wearing a Storm Runner tanktop and I'll be with my kids. Did they let you walk over to other rides before the GP gets in at 10am? I also think Nitro is the best ride in the park IMO its #2 behind SROSat SFNE Which is my #1 steel.
I will keep an eye out. Not sure what I'll have on, but I will be with one girl with longish brown hair. We're both about 5'11" and skinny.

I also agree about SROS at SFNE. Outstanding coaster. We hope to get there in October.


Kingda Ka kicks Top Thrill Dragster's ass!
Sounds like MF's first days...ahh, memories...

I gotta stop by GADV one of these days. I'm dying to go on it.

"May the Millennium Force be with you!"
Thats real nice to say Denis. Azo, when were you there? This past Friday?

I'm going Monday. I'm excited, as it will be my first time there in many years. :)

CP was amazing, going back next June to ride Maverick

I was there Friday the 12th and am going back this Friday for more!


I was there the day Kingda Ka reopened.
Fantastic! Here's your 'Participant' trophy!

[hands crappy gold/plastic trophy with faux marble base to denis12345]

Rich G

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