King Kong at Universal Studios Hollywood pitched as prequel to Peter Jackson movie

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UGO got a clip from Peter Jackson and his WETA Digital chum Matt Aitken pitching the three minute experience as something of a sequel to the 2005 film King Kong. A trip to Los Angeles won't be complete until we experience the giant gorilla/dinosaur battle they're serving up over 40 foot tall, 187 foot long 3D digital screens.

Read more and see the trailer from UGO.

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So the article title says 'prequel,' but the article itself mentions 'sequel.' Which is it?

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Perhaps I can't type. :)

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Nope, wasn't you Jeff. The article on says the same--I just assumed you copy/pasted. If that's the case, you copy/pasted just fine. :)

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Technically a prequel is a sequel.

Vater's avatar are correct. :)

This looks really cool.. I just checked out some pics from the premiere of the ride. I want to go to Universal Studios!!

Y'know, now that they've got all the people on the tram tour wearing 3D glasses, I wonder if they'll upgrade the video monitors on the tram to 3D.

Heck, while they're at it, why don't they just upgrade the entire tram tour to 3D? Can you imagine what Courthouse Square, the New York Street, Whoville, the Bates Motel, and especially the War of the Worlds crash set would look like in 3D? 8-)

Oh, yeah, that's right. Never mind. :)

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