"Kill Switch" Ready For Geauga Lake: Wild Water Kingdom?

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Corkscrew Follies said:
Sure, I would like to see bigger and better things come here to MiA.

Like some trees? Maybe? Please?


^ No doubt.

And some charm. Say, wouldn't it be great if charm actually grew on trees?



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What, you mean charm doesn't grow on ashphalt, concrete or stone pavers?

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The enthusiast obsession with trees always amuses, interests and confuses me.

Dogs like to pee on trees.

There's probably a joke there somewhere, but I'm lazy.

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I hate trees. I prefer shrubs.

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I'm too busy having fun riding Rides to worry about trees. Unless I'm on El Toro.

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OhioStater said:
We must visit on different days. That said, we never go on weekends or Fridays. Happy to hear it has been b busy, actually...it just needs some love.

Yeah, but 50% of my visits are on Wednesday or Thursday evenings as well. Always very busy. So its not just a weekend/friday deal.

We have been to GL probably close to 15 times this season... Only 2-3 days were not busy really that we were able to have walk-on slide rides... And those days were very rainy or literally down-pouring as we rode. If its sunny, its packed. One trip there was not a chair available and we setup in the grass... Until we snagged one shortly after.

This summer has been the busiest by far the past few seasons. Last year did well, but not as many crazy-busy days like this year. We always rode the slides a ton due to short waits last year... This year, lines always down the steps completely. They need to expand, not close down.

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Trees provide natural shade from the sun and rain. ...And they are preeeety. I ♥ trees.


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There's a photo set in the Day in Pictures forum that shows some charmy treeness at MiA.

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When I have gone, I too have seen it "busy."

I think that's part of my issues (one of the many some would say.)

It looks busy, but is it busy?

When days I have been there lately, there looks to be next to no one in the parking lot, yet the lines are all the way down the stairs for their slides. The wave pool is packed beyond belief. The food lines are pretty bad.

IMHO, I would think this park has some money coming in, with the people coming through compared to the staff.

The life guards seem to be the most people they employ, and Cedar Fair does not go skimpy on life guards. Does anyone else no any other water parks that have more life guards per square feet/water? Those guards are machines compare to most water parks. I do give them kudos for doing their jobs very well!

So if they are making money. Are they a company that is "holding onto it because of the economy" as some people suggest?

If they have money coming in, then why not invest it...as I would originally suggest, invest it wisely?

I too feel that this park really needs more line eater attraction(s).

I couldn't imagine what this place is like on a day when they have a concert. So far I have gone on weekdays and weekends, and one weekday where it was overcast.


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