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Saturday, April 22, 2000 7:42 PM
Today my daughter and I ventured out to Kiddieland (Sat. April 22). The weather was perfect. Upper 60s and sunny all day. The park had its opening day on April 15 this year which is earlier than previous years. This isnt a mega park so most people dont know about it. It is one of the last traditional type parks left that is now in its 71st season. When we got there my daughter wanted to ride there only coaster. The Little Dipper which is an ACE coaster classic woody that was built in the early 50s. Got on at least 15 times. We then covered all of the kid rides as well as the bigger rides. They have a pretty good selection considering the space they use. The employees were very friendly and helpful. They still have 2 merry-go-rounds, and there train that are the originals from when the park opened in 1929. The food is pretty reasonable for a park. $2.00 for nachos, $1.50 for popcorn. New this year they have free Coca-cola fountain drinks all day long. Since the weather was warmer than expected they opened up there 2 water rides which is a logflume ride and a waterpipeline. The pipeline gets you soaked. During the day I met a father with 2 daughters who is from Detroit. He made the travel from Detroit just to come to Kiddieland which shows me that this park is special to people. He talked to me in detail about CP because he goes there about 3 times a year. The park was open for 8 hours but since the season just started it only felt like 4. Once again my daughter enjoyed herself very much and I also had a great time. A great mix of rides for parents and children between 3 and 10 years old. If you are ever planning a visit to the Chicago area and have children or if you just want to get on another A.C.E. coaster classic I would recommend this park. (Next weekend, opening day for SFGAm. Oh life is good.
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