Kiddieland 7-17-06

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Kiddieland Chicago 7-17-06

It was a hot one today not sure on the current temprature but my new Wife and I currently on our honeymoon here in Chicago, decided to stop by there on our way back to our hotel from the Brookfield Zoo.

Loved the small neighborhood Amusment Park atmosphere. Rode Little Dipper it was a great little ride. Tilt o whirl Great ride as usual. One of the best rides on a tilt o whirl I have personally ever had we never stopped spinning.

The heat got to my wife as we were already out in the son since 11:30 so we took a quick jog thru the rest of the Park and called it a day.

Funny note. Pop FREE! Water $1.50 just had to share with ya.

All in All It's sad to see this park is getting the wrecking ball it's Cute little Family Park. On the side note I can see why it is. It's completely landlocked from what I could see with no room to expand.

The employees at the front gate seemed happy and cheary but no one else acted as if they wanted to be there or they were Six Flags intreview rejects.

Glad I could say I got there to experince this lost treasure before it was to late. Maybe someone will save it but don't see it happening.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I have fond memories of this park. Little Dipper was my very first coaster. :) My Grandpa used to take me there when I was a child. He would still take me there now, but it wouldn't be the same. ;)

I'm thinking about stopping by there when I visit my family soon. Just to see the park one last time before it goes. :( It'll be sad. I'm actually surprised it lasted this long.

Thanks for posting your TR!

I'd rather be riding Roller Coasters....or baking.

No prob Enjoyed visting the Park. After hearing it was getting the wrecking ball and seeing it was on my way I had to stop.

We were in and out in less then an hour.

Let's not dig its grave just yet.

While it's not looking good right now, the park might survive if the family can come to an agreement.

Santa's Village on the other hand, that grave is already starting to take shape as the park still has not operated this season.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

I thought it was announced that 2008 was the last season that would be nice to see it stay.

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