Kiddie Ride Accident in Poland.

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I looked around and I'm surprised nobody saw this yet.

Over in Poland, a small kiddie ride, which seems to closely resemble the Matterhorn/Flying Bobs/Musik Express, only has a real "Made in China" feel to it.

Well, apparently it did as a safety rope somehow got loose and got entangled around a couple of childs necks. They suffered a few abrasions, were sent to the hospital, but they'll survive.

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Horrifying accident, seeing the Grandma scream and run towards the ride really got me. Also, bad timing with Ellie Goulding's "I Need Your Love" coming on right at that moment, with the lyrics: When everythings wrong

EDIT: The error concerning apostrophes and parentheses and several other grammatical markings needs to be corrected asap. Its driving me insane that I cant use those characters. If this was 15 years ago, it would be acceptable But at this point, its ridiculous that any web code will not accept certain characters from a standard keyboard. My lyric quote above hardly makes sense without quotations.

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What are the "errors" with a'postro'phe's and (parenthesis)?

This is the "first" I've heard (of them.)


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