Kid thrown from ride

Here is a clip of a kid being thrown from a ride:

On a Kite Flyer? He HAD to have been fooling around.
Wow...there's an awful lot of racism on that site...


I remember when this happened. If I remember right, the kid in fact did not meet the height requirement.
i guess it's another reason to commit suicide by jumping from a carnie ride:
become a post-mortem internet video celebrity (just make sure someone is there to catch it on camera)
Thank god it looks like the kid survived it all - it's still a pretty bad fall.
Hope it all turned out fine

(just for the record: that was just a cynical joke - I advocate the above behavior in no way - I just wonder what makes us watch these painful videos)

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Well to me, two things were clear there. Either the kid was falling out or climbing out and THE DAD is the one who pulled him off
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GoliathKills said:
I remember when this happened. If I remember right, the kid in fact did not meet the height requirement.

This looks like footage from the California State Fair in the mid 90's. (You can tell by the monorail beam.) If it is, then the kid was under the height requirement like Parker said.

The local news up here in Sacramento made a HUGE deal about the accident, and it actually led to our State Fair cleaning up their Midway attractions for good.


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Yeah, I think that's it Sean. I can vaguely remember what a big deal it was at the time. Really looks like the Sacramento Fairgrounds.
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Speaking of NorCal, you coming up this year Parker? If so, you should drop Kelly and I a line when you visit. We're always looking for an excuse to get out of Sacramento for the day.

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This happened awhile ago.
Maybe I missed something, but why is the "so called father" if that's who it was, inside the saftey gates? Unless he is the ride operator I am confused as to why he was there.

If he was the ride operator it just baffles me as to why you would even take that chance... (putting your child on the ride) hopefully I am missing something here and getting bent out of shape for no reason.

I do remember seeing this incident on the local news that year. It did cause a lot of commotion. This was about 6 or so year ago if I am not mistaken.

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It supposedly happened August 19, 2002. The kid was 36 inches, and the suggested height by Zamperla (the ride maker) was 42 inches. Thus, the kid fell out. Kids will try to get out of everything. If they don't like something (like a ride), they will just try to force themselves out of it.

It happens all the time. It's always these kids that want to get out of rides that cause accidents on themselves. The thing that's worse though is that kids at carnivals don't go on rides with their parents. Why? The parents don't want to pay the money to go on the rides with them, or they are too scared of going on those rides because they are too intense for them.

^Uh, so it's the kid's fault? I would say it's the ride operators fault for not enforcing the height requirement.
Yes, I still believe it is the kid's fault. Even if you aren't tall enough, you shouldn't be able to fall out of that ride. If you want to you, you can download the video from the Zamperla site. The ride is a Kite Flyer, and it's under the Family rides.

At the very beginning of the video, they show the kids getting into the ride. There is a big hill near people's middle that stops people from falling out unless you are like a baby. Now, if you were to go over the hump on purpose when the ride is in motion, maybe they could try and get out of the ride as the kid must have did.

With my measuring techniques (It's not that sophisticated.), the kid boy in the video (Zamperla video) is about the same size as the kid that fell out of the ride.

Go on the Pharoah's Fury with some kids. What do they do? They try to stand up when the operator is looking. The bar is down, but they don't care. On the Gravitron, they like to go upside-down, and do all these stupid stuff. On the swings, they like to kick other swings. Do they care if someone else's knees get hurt into the other swings?No, of course not.

It's always the manufacturers fault. No, it's not the manufacturers fault that some of these kids like to mess around, and no matter what you do, they are still going to do these stupid things. So, if a kid falls out of the Pharoah's Fury next time they stand up, are you going to blame the worker for the ride, the ride itself, or the kid? That ride is NOT safe! Blah.

Thankfully, kids can't stick their heads out of roller coasters like Iron Wolf. I wish that was true. I seen it done, and it was quite scary. They eventually put it back in, but wow, that was site to see.
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