does Beastbuzz...kinda

Pagoda Gift Shop's avatar is having an event at KI on Saturday, August 4th. It is open to just about anybody (I think you have to be registered on KIC)

The event looks to include:

Flight of Fear Tour!
First Ride on Firehawk!
Backstage Tour of The Beast!
Backstage Tour of Son of Beast!
Sign Shop Tour!
A Classy All You Can Eat Buffet in the International Restaurant!
Exclusive Front Row Seating at the Paramount Theater for Endless Summer on Ice!
Meet and Greet with the cast of Endless Summer on Ice!
Night Time ERT on The Beast!

You can read more about it here. Sure sounds a lot like Beastbuzz...well, without the beer anyway.

Edit: Also of note, this event may have something to do with KIC's relationship with Don Helbig, the new KI PR guru. A few of the guys at KIC seem to know him pretty well.

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The reason we didn't do BeastBuzz this year is because they couldn't get us any ERT because they'd be over-budget on hours for the ride ops. Maureen campaigned hard to get around that, but it wasn't to be. The alternative was to do the event at some other point, but parks like CP or KI in July and August are, frankly, not fun, even with beer.

We had a good five year run. We'll see about bringing it back next year if the park is open to it.

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You cancel an entire event over ERT? Why not just go on a tuesday and walkon everything all day?
Because most people are not going to take off a Tuesday to come to an event.
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Exactly, including me. And let's face it the keg for the last one was only the deal maker for a half-dozen people.

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Provide a Buffet and Acers will come running
DanLinden, you are so funny and witty! How did you come up with that one? LOL!!!
Just a natural I guess
Again I appreciate what you tried to put together for us, Jeff. Too bad about their budgeting thing that totally killed it for us. Hopefully it works out for next season.


To answer to the following posts:

I assure you that our relationship with Don Helbig had nothing to do with the ERTs. I have been friends with Don for a few years through both hockey and KI, but he didn't have come on board until recently and the event was almost ready to be announced at that point.

Our original plan was to announce the event after Beastbuzz. It, of course, wouldn't be in our best interest to compete with Beastbuzz, so we didn't want to look like we're doing that, nor did we want to send that sort of message to our friends at the Coasterbuzz club.

As of now, we're not sure if the event will be a yearly thing or just this once.

The staff and members of KIC have always really enjoyed Beastbuzz and we hope it comes back too!!

The park may be busy that day, that's a risk you always have to take. Fortunately the event is so packed with things to do on the agenda that they run into each other. Of course, if you have done the Beast walkback a million times like many of us you can choose not to go, but if you do everything, there isn't a lot of free time to ride.

Yes -- I enjoyed the beer last year too!

I hope to see you guys there,

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