KI trip plannned....a few questions

My youngest is tall enough, so we are returning. My husband and I have ridden SoB with the loop and vowed never to ride it again. Should we try it this time? Is it any less painful? Also, is there discount tickets at Meier or Kroger that anybody has heard about. I know they are 29.99 online, just wondering if there is anything cheaper out there.

Thanks...can't wait to take her on the Beast!!

^^IMHO, SOB is smoother than Beast nowadays as long as you ride a little defensively in the rose bowl (the outside seat is smoother than the inside one too, btw)

Also, I know Meijer has discount KI tickets for $25.99...not sure they'd ever really go much lower than that.

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SOB still has the jarring jackhammer in the rose-bowl, though. I try to ride it near front and not on a wheel. It's still much better than it was, but it still is painful.

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