KI Soak City Cabanas

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From a recent blog post:

Workmen are shown here constructing one of our new Tidal Wave Bay Premium Cabanas, These cabanas include a dining table, chaise lounge chairs, lockable storage boxes, towel service, mini-fridge with a complimentary selection of Coke products, complimentary selection of Sundries such as sunscreen, shampoo and body soap, a 32-inch flat screen TV with a channel lineup that includes local channels, ABC Family, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, E!, ESPN, ESPN News, MTV, Nickelodeon, Oxygen, Speed Channel, TBS, TLC, TNT, Travel Channel, TV Land, USA Network and VH1.

Seems above and beyond what I would think a cabana at KI or any typical waterpark would have. I wonder what these things will cost?

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Sounds like the cabanas at Kalahari. I would definitely do that, so long as it wasn't something like $200.

We did a cabana at Geauga Lake once a couple of years ago. I really enjoyed it, and it wasn't even close to that scale.

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Why on earth would someone pay $50 to get into a theme park for a day just to sit in a tent and watch TV? Sounds silly to me, but if people will buy it, then who am I to say...

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I see it for parents (grandparents, caregivers, whoever) who don't necessarily enjoy water parks, but are taking the kids.

I can totally see taking a bunch of kids and letting them go nuts in the water park while chillaxing (yeah, I actually typed that) in one of these for the day free from the sun, stupidity and too-small bikinis of the average water park.

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Hello! I've creepin' around this site for quite some time and I figured I would make an account.

I will actually be at Kings Island this Saturday for a VIP tour. I'll make sure to take some pictures for you guys of the new wave pool, the Cabanas, and all of the new theming.

Last July when I visited KI, there was no unoccupied space anywhere near the wave pool except the cabanas. Just to have a place to sit for a few hours we got Soaked for eighty bucks. It was nice to get shade and cold water but it cost more than our 3.5-star hotel room in Lexington. Throw in free soda and stuff, I'm guessing it's going to cost about as much as a Vegas resort's cabanas - $140 at least.

Why on earth would someone pay $50 to get into a theme park for a day just to sit in a tent and watch TV?

We got a cabana at CP's Soak City several years back. And, it was just sitting in a tent, no TV. We ordinarily would not spring for it, but were planning on being there all day---and, if you're going to be there that long, the ability to have guaranteed shade to sit in plus someone who will bring you food rather than stand in that line is a nice splurge. But, I want to say it was something like $80 or so for six people, so probably more reasonable than these will be.

Regular cabana, $65 weekdays and $80 weekends and holidays. Premium cabana, $125 weekdays and $150 wknds & holidays. $30 deposit to reserve online. Each is good for up to six people.

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