KI July 3rd, NEED the Firehawk credit!

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I'm going to Kings Island Tuesday, July third. It is the 4th of July week, so it will probably be crowded, but HOW bad is it usually the day before Independence Day?

Also, I have not ridden a Flying Dutchman, and I really want to. I have heard that Firehawks lines are 3 hours! Is this true? I really want to ride, but is it worth the wait?

I am also afraid that if I wear flip-flops to the park, that they may fly off during my "flight" on Firehawk. Can I sit on them?

Thanks for the help!

3 hours? Not with both trains and stations which they have been running daily.

Flip-flops are fine. You can wear them on the ride. Actually you have to because you can't leave loose articles in the station. Just keep your feet on the footboard and you're fine. Sitting on them wouldn't work because they'd slip out as soon as you flipped into the Fly position.

For the July 4th time period, Firehawk might be 1.5-2 hours. Maybe. They've been running that thing and the crew as fast as they can possibly run it, so it's been pretty good.

I doubt 3 hours, but probably an hour bear minimum. If you are worried about your flip flops, leave them at home and wear tennis shoes.

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Go there early enough, you will be able to get on rather quickly. You can then ride Flight of Fear afterwards.
I was just there a week or so ago and I waited maybe 30 min. Is it worth the wait, yes, but dont expect an exceptional coaster. It was fun but I found BORG Simulator and Superman: Ultimate Flight much better.

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An hour would be great!

Hopefully we can get there before the park opens and walk-run to Firehawk. Then Flight of Fear, which is my favorite (so far) in the park.

I thought S:UF was fun (mainly the pretzel loop), so I hope Firehawk will be as fun or more fun than it.

Yea, Borg is better. But when I went to KI last week the line for firehawk was 2.5 hours all day. So it is possible to be that long. But that was because it was broken down, and everyone rode everything else already and came over to the midway. My advice, ride everything else then hit Firehawk, or work your way to the front, but still Firehawk near the end, when you have time to wait.

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