KI Gold Pass Perks Questions

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Consider me confused as well. Sure seems like they don't know what's going on. Most of the benefits seem to be exactly what they were last year.

All the meal deals are still $29.99 and up. Ugh.

There is a Gold Pass Parking Section (which is enclosed by white plastic posts). This section is only for Gold Pass holders, though it is not always enforced. When it is being enforced all you have to do is show the employee at the entrance to the Gold Pass section your Gold Pass.

When you have a Gold Pass, the parking is included. So you can park anywhere in the normal parking lot or in the Gold Pass section.

The preferred parking is near the entrance to the park and I believe is enclosed by a wooden fence. It costs extra if you have a Gold Pass or not.

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Yeah, I finally saw in person how the Gold Pass Parking works. I like it. We always come in from the south entrance and it's pretty easy to slip in from that direction.

Seemed to fill up pretty quickly though.

I am pretty sure it was posted here, but where is the link that shows what perks a platinum passholder gets at all CF parks?
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There is one posted on

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