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I have never been able to attend Fearfest and it looks as if I will be heading in from Nebraska (I am going to miss the Texas game this weekend but any coaster trip is worth it to me) on Friday to attend Fearfest.

Is there a temperature 'magic number' that the Beast does not run at? Does it usually run til' closing?

How are the haunts? Is there any in particular you would recommend, or stear clear of?

Any other advice, suggestions?

I am going to miss BooBuzz, but will be at CP on Saturday afternoon. Maybe I'll see some of you then!

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As far as I know, the Beast will run in low temps. I believe it's the steel coasters that PKI won't run when the temperature gets below a certain threshold (or maybe Cedar Fair has changed the policy). Either way, be sure to ride Flight of Fear; it's by far my favorite coaster at the park.

As far as haunts go, Psycho Trail is pretty good, followed by the Circus of Horrors 3D maze. Also, the Cornstalkers fright zone is good for a scare as well.

I'll be there on Friday and Saturday. I'm hoping the weather holds up.


Anyone know of any good deals/where to find discounted tickets? This will be my first year going to Fearfest at PKI and I hope to have as much fun as I had at CP's Halloweekends last year.

Well, if you plan on going to a CF park next year you can purchase your Maxx pass at PKI and get in free this fall.

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Skip Psycho Path. They're running people through it now in a continuous "Conga Line" for capacity now and it totally RUINS the attractions.

Do Cowboy Carnage and Circus of Horrors instead. Asylum is also great.

Try a Kroggers super market I know here in VA they do a discount ticket for PKD not sure about PKI though but the tickets at Kroggers is like 37.95 or was this past season But i am not sure you all have Krogger's stores out in that area

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3 hrs to bge
2 hrs to pkd
3.5 to hp
2.5 to sfa
home parks pkd & bge

^ Kroger's has discounts at the store for $20 - you can also get them at that price online in advance - which is your best bet. The $20 price is for Friday only 7pm-Midnight hours. I think Saturday is the usually $30 something. Of course, the website would tell you all of this and more . . .

BTW - Kroger's is based in Cincinnati, so you would have no problem finding one here.

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Advance tickets can be purchased at, Meijer, Speedway, or at Kroger. Friday night tickets are $19.99 and Saturday Tickets are $29.99.
Any tips on what coasters to hit first on such a night? We'll only have five hours, and both Dannerman and I have never been to the park before.

I imagine starting at Face/Off, and working our way around, unless someone has a better suggestion. I'd also save Flight of Fear as the last ride, since we're both familiar with PKD's version.

Start in Action Zone with Face/Off first thing before it builds up a line, then go over to Nick Universe and work your way counterclockwise around the park.

Best way to beat the main crowds, who automatically go clockwise, starting and ending in Action Zone.

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If they start at Action Zone, wouldn't you want to turn right and go to Nick Universe instead?

Have an awesome time, Ryan and Tim. Wish I could go with ya From my experience, FoF gets very busy compared to the rest of the coasters, so keep that in mind. I've had to wait 45 minutes for FoF when everything else including Beast was at or near walk-on conditions.

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What about Son of Beast?

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Because if you're not part of the initial group at Face/Off it's going to have an hour plus line the rest of the day. Damn Boomerangs.

SOB is still down for the count, until AT LEAST Spring 2007.

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I was just at PKI last weekend... I don't know about a magic temp to clsoe rides, but I know it got pretty cold, and they were still running everything, so I wouldn't worry about it unless it snows!

Fri evening the lines were pretty short, but not walk-on. The best lines were actually on Sunday, when almost everything was walk-on all day. We rode Drop Zone 6 times in 30 minutes (that's how many drops it does in that time). Didn't see a full coaster train all day, except Italian Job, which also was the only line (but only about 5 minutes). Face-off also had lines (looked about 25 minutes) most of our visit, but I was able to get a walk-on ride close to closing on Saturday night.

We don't normally care for the haunts, especially since they all have ludicrous lines. We overheard a number of people talking about how disappointing CornStalkers was.

Still, they do a pretty thorough job of decorating the whole park for Fright Fest, so you can enjoy the Halloween feel just by walking around the park. It's actually very cool.

SoB was closed. It looked like they had already removed the trains for the season.

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I've read somewhere that, Vortex at least, will not open if it is below 50. If it's above 50, though, they'll open it up. Once it's been running, though, the temp can drop below 50 and they'll keep running's just that initial getting it going when they need 50+ temps
Hey everyone, thanks for the info! We are in Indy this morning and heading to PKI later today. Looks like the weather is going to be OK.

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PKI's cutoff temp for steel coasters is 45 degrees.

If the temp drops below that during operation, they will immediately cycle off and shut down the steel coasters.

pkidelirium said:
PKI's cutoff temp for steel coasters is 45 degrees.

If the temp drops below that during operation, they will immediately cycle off and shut down the steel coasters.

Actually that isn't true. The temp can drop below 45 and the steel coasters will remain open. After the ride is warmed up it's fine if the temp drops.

Well, according to my vehicle when I left the park Friday night, it was 40 degrees, and everything was running up until close, that I am aware of.

I decided to do "Psycho Path" as the only haunt on the night and I found it rather enjoable. That setting is very hard for most parks to duplicate and I thought the KI clan did a pretty good job at keeping me on my toes.

All I know is that the Beast in 40 degree temperatures is 'memorable' to say the least!

Thanks again everyone!

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.
We were shown the Pyscho Trail on the SOB walkback at BeastBuzz, and it looks like a tight fit through there. Even Maureen the PR person said it scared her just looking at it during the day.

They had us do the "conga line" thing at KD as well at the Freakshow in 3-D--which was a maze, but I thought it was to keep people safe and from getting possibly separated. Of course this would cut down on your capacity, since you'd have to clear everyone out before sending the next group in.

But, if I were paying per attraction like at the Haunted Mill near York, PA, you get more bang for your buck when there's only two of you walking through an attraction at a time and you know you're an open target. This happened at three of the attractions including a cornfield due to lower weekday crowds.

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