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I heard they were renaming Beast to Talon to coincide with the new ride to be at KI in 2009.

Any truth to this rumor? If so I'm going to be so upset.... this is horrible.

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I can't imagine in a million years that would happen. The Beast is one of the most famous roller coasters ever built and its name is well known around the world on many levels. No doubt the name is free and clear and owned now by Cedar Fair or whoever held the old KECO name licensing. They'd be nuts to lose that, that ride is still one of Kings Island's biggest and most valuable selling points, regardless of what some seasoned riders might think of it. The Beast was The Beast long before those were Paramount Parks and all the names they're now changing out were ever begun to be used and licensed.

(now watch it happen...)

I don't think even Cedar Fair could be that stupid.

Close, maybe, but not quite.

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Where or whom did you get this rumor from? Come on, do you think CF would change the Beast name after all these years? I don't think so. It's not tied into a movie, and therefore there's no reason for them to change it.
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Talon is already a ride at Dorney Park, why would CF use it at KI?

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Why would anybody ever start a topic with "I heard..." and want people to believe you?
I could see the new ride being called Talon, but c'mon, no way they rename Beast, and if they do it will probably not be that original of a name.

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Talon? When they still got Flight Deck Open!

I "Heard" They are changing the Eiffel Tower to Cinderella Castle.. also

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LOL! That is the most ludicrous thing I've ever hear here.

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