KI apparently getting a skating show

Another small bit of the total $10 mill. given to KI for the 2007 season will apparently be for an ice skating show of some type. When I took my son to his hockey practice last night there was a flyer up for figure skating auditions for King's Island on Feb. 22.

Well, it may not be everybody's cup, but at least it's a new show. I hope they'll place it in the Festhaus, where they had the Star Trek ice skating show back in the early-90's. I'm no figure skating fan, (Hockey is where it's at for me), and I didn't like Star Trek either, but that show was still a pretty nice addition.

IMO, they need some sort of entertainment in the Festhaus again, the three jumbo screens playing movie trailer/videos is so lame!

Plus, the cost might be made much lower if they still have possession of the freezing units they used for Winterfest/past ice skating shows. I know the Nutter Center here in Dayton paid out at least 1.5 mill. a piece for two freezing units they have for the Bombers hockey team. *** Edited 2/8/2007 4:30:32 PM UTC by Floorless Fan***

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Festhaus would be the only place to put it due to the ice. This is great news. Every time I go into the festhaus, I look around and wonder what it would be like with a good show.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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There is nothing better on a hot, humid, summer day than to chill out watching a skating show.

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I remember the Paramount Theater holding an ice show back around 1994. Of course, that was before I really paid attention to these things so I could be wrong.

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If memory serves me from No Coaster Con.....It will be in the Paramount theater. Every single show at the park will be new to the Kings Island. There will be no show in the Fest Haus. They are looking into but havent decided on reopening International Restaurant.

The new Ice rink style program will be one of four new entertainment shows Cedar Fair is going to introduce in 2007 at Kings Island. Good to know along with a major new thrillride, they're balancing it out with things the entire family can do.
Back in the 80s, the Festhaus had an ice-show. I don't have any idea what became of the equipment or if it could even be servicable again, but clearly it can be done.

It will be nice to see the shows back in full swing. Seeing the International Showplace dark was such a sad thing.

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IMHO Paramount absolutely ruined the entertainment at PKI. It was a challange and a honor for students of the arts to get a job in one of their shows before Paramount and some High class shows were put on in all three forums. The Festhouse, American Heritage Theater (Not PT) and the Dick Van Dyke pavilion.

Paramount had a few good shows, The Christmas one was very good for The short lived winterfest but Id say that 85% of them were nothing but half hour commercials for Viacom/CBS. That Titanic thing was the worst.

Here! Here! to enjoyable things and Get rid of that Q TV crap that nobody has anytime walking from one end of a Q to the other to watch.


- Don't forget "Tuned In" that kept on going for 2-3 seasons at the outdoor stadium next to the Eiffel Tower. Terrible!

- The Tomb Raider Stunt Show: This was the most horrible excuse for a stunt show I'd ever personally seen. We left before the show was done...and we weren't alone.

- When the Action Zone first opened they had a pretty short-lived stunt show there too. It took place in and around the Paramount Water Tower and was centered around the "48 Hours" movies.

I actually liked "School Of Rock" though it was nothing more than a commercial for Paramount's lengthy music library. But the king of all show at King's Island for me was the "Saltwater Circus" Dolphin & Sea Lion show. Nothing was more awesome as a kid than that show!

^ I remeber when PCW had an aquarium show in the Bed Rock aquarium with Dolphins and Sea Lions too. It was amazing, but now it's just been sitting there vacant for quite some time now. I really do wonder what ever happened to the animals?

Anyways, Isn't PCWO & PCAR getting the skating show again too because I do know that CW did have an Ice show in the Paramount theatre like 12 years ago.

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^Technically there are no more "P"s on the abbreviations anymore ;) I think if its 2 words like Canada's Wonderland, it could be CW, but not CWO. Any letter that wasn't capitalized in the first place shouldn't be capitalized in an abbreviation, it adds confusion like there are more words in there IMO. An example is when people say MIADV, I usually go with MIAdv (abbreviation for Michigan is 2 capital letters) Just thought I'd bug everyone with that, since abbreviations are somewhat of a debate lol. ;) *** Edited 2/8/2007 9:25:45 PM UTC by P18***
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beast7369 said:
They are looking into but haven't decided on reopening International Restaurant.

That would be great if they did. KI could really use at least one table service restaurant.

- R.A

It's my understanding that the International Restaurant was leased prior to it's closing and that reopening it would involve making it handicap accessible *IE* Elevator (Theres a service elevator for it but it's not in park bounds)


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Yes, remodeling the restaurant for this season was something they looked into, but also making it ADA compliant, by having a public elevator, would be costly, so at least you could say they put it off for a bit. KI does realize the need for a full-service restaurant, but I hope they deliver in the next few years.

As for abbreviations they could go CWO for Canada's WOnderland and CWI CaroWInds.

What if? What if Cedar Fair decided to add the Paramount moniker to some of its existing parks? Would PCP go over well? Nah... it's just good to have good old KI back.

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Based on the fact they re-did all of the existing Paramount parks' logos and removed the Paramount name from them, I don't see them putting them back on let alone putting them on other parks.

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