KI & Delgrosso's first time 6/28/07

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We arrived at KI as soon as the park opened with the hopes of getting as much done as possible before the rain hit.

The first ride we headed to was Face Off but we were disapointed to find it closed after watching it run with people for a good 1/2 before the park opened.

Since Top Gun was right there we decided to head there next. This was a walk on but man I can't even imagine the length of the wait if this que was filled. As for the ride it was outstanding. It pulled alot of g's and had the intensity of BBW. I still like wolf better but this was a good way to start the day. I loved how the cars still swung when it stopped as well. 8/10.

Next up we went to take a look at Son of Beast. We saw a few people looking at the train but no activity other than that. Since this ride was closed we moved on to Drop Zone. Drop Zone was also still closed due to the SFKK accident so we moved on. It was no big deal that these were closed because we expected it.

Next up was the now operating Face Off. This had about a 5 min wait for the middle. This ride was a little more intense than Two Face but because of that it was also pretty rough. It's still better than the average boomerang though. 5/10.

Next up we headed to Adventure Express. This ride was a walk on as well. This is without a doubt the best mine train I have ever ridden. The theming was outstanding and it was a very long smooth ride. It didn't feel like a gimmick. Overall 7/10.

Next up was Racer. We decided to ride the backwards side first since it was a walk on. Sadly by the time we got to the station it had started to drizzle but the ride still delivered. It was fast smooth and full of airtime. I love not knowing where your going. 6/10.

Next we turned around and caught the walk on for the forward side. This side was still fast with quite a bit of airtime however it was quite a bit rougher than the backwards side but still bearable. The roughness gives it a 5/10.

Next up we headed to Firehawk since the rain had stopped already but it was closed so we moved on to Italian Job. This ride had a 10 min wait but it was well worth it. It was very smooth and the launch and helix was more intense than I anticipated. The theming was also very good. 8/10.

Next up was Vortex. This ride was a walk on for the front row. I am usually a fan of these arrow loopers but not this one. First off it had started raining again halfway through the course and the ride was much rougher than the other arrows I've ridden. Being 6'2 it really dug into my shoulders. 3/10.

Next we headed to the Beast but found that closed as well so we headed to Nick Universe.

By this time the rain had stopped again so we headed to Rugrats Runaway Reptar. This was a 3 train wait for the back. It was an ok ride for what it is but nothing impressive. It was also pretty rough for a kids coaster. 4/10.

Next up was Avatar The Last Airbender. This ride was a walk on and was pretty fun as well. It doesn't spin too fast and isn't as good as a normal Disk-o but it's still more comfortable. It had decent theming also so we give it a 5/10.

Next we headed over to Fairly Odd Coaster. This had a 10 min wait for the back but we wanted the credit so we took it. The ride is ok for a kiddie wood it's not too rough but not intense. It was a credit pretty much. 4/10.

Next we headed to Delerium. This was a walk on so I was happy about that. This was the first huge frisbee I had ridden but I loved it. It was alot like a screaming swing because you got that feeling in your guts but it didn't make you sick. It was more about height and speed. Overall 10/10.

Next we headed to Firehawk since it had opened. The wait was about a 1/2 which wasn't too bad at all. Both stations were running which helped. I rode this as X Flight a few years ago and didn't care for it but this was different. It felt more intense and smoother than before. The relocating turned out to be a great idea. 9/10.

Next up was FOF which had a 10 min wait for the front. Excellent ride with excellent theming. I still can never tell where I am when I'm in there though. I also can't stand the mid course break so I have to give it's sister in Virginia the edge. 8/10.

Next up we headed to Beast which was a walk on. We got he back row not really knowing what to expect. The ride isn't rough at all but it sure is boring. The helix is ok but other than that its a mediocre ride to no where. I was pretty disapointed with it. 3/10.

Next up we went to Tomb Raider which had a 5 min wait. This ride has excellent theming but the transitions were pretty rough and it didn't seem like all the theming was working but it was still a fun ride. 5/10.

After this we went up in the Eiffel Tower for some pictures. After beating the rain all day we give the park a 9/10.

We spent the night at a chicks house in State College PA then headed to Delgrosso's Fri.

Crazy Mouse was your average crazy mouse with little spinning so it was a little disapointing but you get what you pay for so a 5/10.

Wacky Worm was just that, a wacky kiddie coaster but it was fun and pretty smooth so we give it a 3/10. It was a decent little park that we only spent an hr at since we had to make it back to NJ but hopefully we'll head there next year for the new coaster.

It's a shame you didn't get to ride the Beast @ night. The ride is SOOOO much better at night. I agree that during the day it can be somewhat boring, as they have trimmed the ride out. You used to get some decent air time over the hills after coming right out of the first tunnel (the initial drop). How I miss those days!

I saw you rode Tomb Raider. Did the actual ride have the music playing while riding?

Try to get to Lakemont Park if you pass through the Altoona area again. Thay have those two wooden coasters, Skyliner and Leap the Dips. The latter is the only one of its kind and the oldest roller coaster in the world.

Arthur Bahl

As for Lakemont we went there last year and had a good time so there was really no need to go again this year.

As for Tomb Raider the music played while we loaded then turned off until the cycle was complete. *** Edited 7/4/2007 1:33:07 AM UTC by OP AWESOME***

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Just a quick comment. I can't believe that you found the beast boring. It has been many years since I have been on it. But, I all ways thought that the beast was a great coaster, and, that double helix just blew me away. Add all the tunnels, and the first few drops. I find it hard to believe. Is it really that bad? I really liked the beast when I was there.

As for adventure express. I rode it the first year it opened. Fun ride, but, the themed lift hill, with all the drum beating, and falling rocks, just ending up turning into the station, was the biggest rip off I have felt next to the Borat movie. They should have used that great themed lift at the beginning of the ride. I'm sorry, but I felt very jipped by that ride.

I also liked the Vortex a lot. I know it was ten times better than the Shockwave coaster that used to be at Great America. But, like I said, I haven't been to kings Island in years. So, I may be wrong.

I also rode x-flight when it was at six flags Ohio. I thought it was a very intense coaster, and, a very different ride than the Superman coasters. The verticle loop, and double corkscrews get the edge over the Superman rides. But, the Superman rides are much smoother, even though they are much shorter rides. I actually liked x-flight a lot.

I thought about getting a max pass, but since Geauga lake has been downsized. I'll pass. *** Edited 7/4/2007 1:59:24 AM UTC by Timber-Rider***

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