KI - The Bathroom Report

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For those of you who care, those of you who don't, and those of you who "know what I am talking about", here we go...

All times are approximate

12:00 arrival - Main Gate Men's Room. Perfect, fully stocked, no smell

1:15 Action Zone Men's Room. Clean, fully stocked, smelled of bubble gum disenfectant.

3:00 Festhaus Men's Room. - See above.

Overall, great trip ;)

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Best. TR. Ever. :)

Such use of words, stylish, I really felt as if I was there. The descriptive language was top-notch, as I really picked up a trace of bubblegum disinfectant in the air as well as i heard the slamming of stall doors...
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I agree as well. Awesome TR!


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So touching my bowels just moved...


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I wasn't planning on going to KI today, but I think I might eat a lot of fast food and go there today...

Dental Plan! Lisa Needs Braces.

So it seems KI's bathrooms are top notch.

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